Frequently asked questions

Facility operations

What are the operating hours of the facility?

The Buzz will be open and staffed during the hours required to deliver services to meet community needs. Confirmation of opening hours will be provided closer to facility opening once the operator has been appointed. For more information, please contact The Y through their website Yarrabilba - YMCA Brisbane

Spaces available

What spaces will be available in The Buzz?

A variety of spaces will be available for the community to hire through the facility Operator. These spaces include small meetings rooms and offices spaces, training room, multipurpose rooms and co-working spaces. For further information on the spaces available, please refer to the building layout plan (PDF 128 KB). If you would like to register your interest in hiring a space, or would like to know more information, please contact The Y through their website Yarrabilba - YMCA Brisbane

What are the ‘pods’?

The ‘pods’ are the names of the three (3) separate building that make up The Buzz at Yarrabilba. Pods 1 and 2 will be managed by the facility Operator. Pod 3 is part of a separate lease arrangement. Please see annotated building layout plan (PDF 128 KB) for further information.

What is the leasable space on the plan?

This space (also known as Pod 3) is part of a separate lease arrangement designed to provide a financial contribution to the overall maintenance of The Buzz at Yarrabilba. We have recently endorsed a direct lease of this space to TAFE Qld.This is an exciting opportunity for The Buzz and the Yarrabilba community.

Services provided

Will the Exchange program be running from The Buzz?

Yes. The Exchange program currently offered to the Yarrabilba community will transition over to The Buzz. It will be operational shortly after the Operator is appointed later this year.

The Exchange program is a free service currently located on Darrau Avenue. It provides the link between local residents and local jobs to facilitate better connections between employers, employees and residents.

What services will be provided at The Buzz?

Services will be provided in line with the outcomes-based model of facility operations. The Buzz is intended to provide a welcoming space for community to seek support if required and provided spaces for the community to use. Council will not be operating from the facility. If there are particular services you would like to provide at The Buzz, please contact The Y through their website Yarrabilba - YMCA Brisbane. Services should align with the facility outcomes of connecting, learning, earning and innovating.

Project history

Why are we funding a facility Operator?

The operational model for The Buzz is very different to current practices for both us and our project partners. It will be a flagship project for Logan and takes an outcomes-focused approach to planning and delivery of services at the facility. As such, we are outsourcing the operations of the facility to an experienced Operator.

At the start of this project, the partners researched best practice operating models from around the country. The outcomes-based model focuses on delivering long term impacts for the community. This is done by holding the Operator accountable to programs, services, and activities that contribute to improving outcomes for their clients/customers/users.

Based on this, the Operator would need to be supported to be able to provide services through this new and innovative operational model. The operating funds include partner contributions as well as the State Government neighbourhood and community centres funding. This was recently increased to enable these centres to employ more support staff and deliver more services. By providing operational funding, The Buzz will be able to focus more on delivering outcomes for the community, rather than ways to remain operational.

Who owns this facility?

Logan City Council owns the facility and the land (in Trust) which it is built on.

Why is this facility being provided ahead of other facilities? For example, sports facilities.

Community infrastructure planning and provision can be complex. Often, new community infrastructure can be delivered by government agencies in isolation, on separate pieces of land in separate buildings by different agencies who may not be communicating with each other, yet servicing the same customers and community. The Buzz at Yarrabilba seeks to address this ‘atomisation’ of infrastructure – putting the community first by pooling both resources and land – delivering a much larger and multi-functional community facility than each of the project partners could have provided individually.

This has essentially brought forward the timeline for delivery of a community centre – ahead of what we would normally plan for in our Community Infrastructure Strategy (CIS) (PDF 1.2 MB) and Desired Standards of Service (DSS). As per the CIS, a community centre would not normally be provided until the population of the catchment area has reached 50,000 people. The current population of Yarrabilba is approximately 10,000 people.

For any further questions regarding community infrastructure planning and provision, please contact