Grants terms and conditions

To be eligible for any Council grant you must meet, or be able to meet, the following criteria outlined in our Grants to Community Organisations Policy:

  • applicants must not have overdue debts with Council
  •  political parties are ineligible for funding
  • requests must be for non-profit community-based purposes (unless permitted under a particular grant program)
  • and must meet the community purpose requirements specified in Council's Grants to Community Organisations Policy, as well as any additional requirements under a specific grant program
  • the applicant must have, or will ensure that, all permits and other approvals relating to the funding application are addressed and that there is adequate insurance to cover the project
  • funding recipients are required to provide proof of use of the funding for the prescribed purpose. This proof will involve producing receipts or bank statements verifying expenditure of the funds, along with the completion of an evaluation form (unless an evaluation form is not required under a particular grant program)
  • the applicant must spend and acquit any approved funds within eight (8) weeks of the event/funding purpose
  •  if the funding is not fully acquitted within eight (8) weeks of the event/funding purpose the recipient must return the allocated funding
  • where funding is not acquitted as described above, applicants will be ineligible to receive further funding from Council
  • where acquittal requirements are not met Council reserves the right to commence a debt recovery process
  • the applicant is to disclose other grant applications for the same purpose that were successfully funded by Council or are currently under consideration by Council
  • applications will only be accepted in the format specified by each individual grant program, and only complete applications will be considered
  • applicants are required to give permission for Council to use the grant information for promotional and public information
  • if one of the foregoing criteria cannot be met, a community organisation may seek special consideration by contacting the relevant Council branch administering the grant to apply for exceptional circumstances or special consideration under the relevant grant guidelines (not applicable to Community Benefit Fund)
  • successful applicant's details, including name of community organisation, amount and purpose of grant, will be published on Council's website and displayed on Council's public noticeboard when required under the Local Government Act 2009.

The total funding available for individual grant programs each year relies on annual budget allocations and is subject to change.

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