Healthy connected community - Quarter 1, 2021 / 2022

Project name Target Status Commentary
HC4.1.1 - CIS Annual Action Plan 2021/2022 Implementation June 2022 On Track Interpretation and Response:
As at the end of the first quarter, the Annual Action Plan 2021/2022 has achieved the following:
  • Prepared a draft functional brief for the Flagstone community hub. The project is still waiting for the land transfer from the developer (See project IN6.5.2).
  • Wilbur Street Youth Centre project commenced. Consultant appointment to run engagement and co-design workshops in quarter 2.
  • Park Ridge District Leisure Centre. This needs assessment and feasibility study completed. Cross-Council Project Steering Group established.
  • Yarrabilba Community Hub. The contractor has been appointed. (See project HC4.2.1).
HC4.1.2 - Immunisation Strategy June 2022 On Track Interpretation and Response:
At the end of the first quarter, the strategy had been reviewed and internal consultation conducted.
HC4.1.3 - Library Management System (LMS) renewal June 2022 On Track Interpretation and Response:
As at the end of the first quarter, detailed tender specifications for the Library Management System (LMS) Renewal project were produced and collated. The project team also completed supporting documents from the tender checklist in preparation for advertising in the second quarter.
HC4.1.4 - Environmental Health Strategy June 2022 On Track Interpretation and Response:
September update:
During September the draft strategy was finalised for internal review. The draft was emailed to 26 Council Programs requesting review and comment. 16 programs provided comment. Responses included 15 email replies and 1 face to face discussion/meeting. The project began incorporating comments from 16 Council programs. The project began drafting an ELT report for 28 October as well as drafting a Councillor Briefing for 4 November.

Quarter 1 update:
At the end of the Quarter, the draft Environmental Health Strategy was finalised, ready for internal stakeholder review and comment. Emails to 26 Council programs requested review, resulting in 15 email responses and one face to face discussion. Relevant comments have been incorporated into the Environmental Health Strategy. It is assumed that those programs failing to respond are satisfied with the content. Commencement of drafting a report seeking approval from the Executive Leadership Team to present the Environmental Health Strategy to Council. Commencement of drafting a briefing presentation to orientate Council with the particulars of the Environmental Health Strategy. The presentation provides a forum for open discussion and questions regarding the Environmental Health Strategy. Next quarter aims to have the final draft, including design presented to the Executive Leadership Team for approval. This is to then deliver a presentation to Council on the Environmental Health Strategy. This is to then submit a report to the City Planning, Economic Development and Environment Committee meeting seeking approval of the Environmental Health Strategy. Followed by endorsement of the Environmental Health Strategy at the following ordinary Council meeting.
HC4.2.1 - Yarrabilba Community Hub June 2022 On Track Interpretation and Response:
As at the end of the first quarter, development of naming process engagement has commenced. Targeted stakeholder interviews have been conducted. Online surveys have been constructed and engagement opportunities with students and young people have been developed, planned to occur next quarter.
Appointment of principal contractor for construction was delivered in the first quarter.
The next step during the next quarter is to progress the naming process and develop the outcomes based operators agreement, and lease.
HC4.2.2 - eSports June 2022 On Track Interpretation and Response:
Planning for the delivery of the eSports event in partnership with Council’s Events Program, Sports Marketing Australia and the Australian Esports League continues following the co-signing of an MOU dated 21 December 2020. The event was initially scheduled to take place on the weekend of 30-31 October 2021. Due to COVID restrictions and their impacts the event date has been rescheduled for 11-12 December. As the event delivery partner is based in the NSW the evolving COVID situation and relevant border restrictions continue to be monitored. Event content and patron management conversations continue as the event is being developed
HC4.3.1 - Parks Capital Works Program June 2022 On Track Interpretation and Response:
As at end of September, 19% of the Parks Capital Works Program has been delivered. This is slightly above the planned program delivery target of 15% for the 1st quarter.
HC4.3.2 - Parks Asset Renewal Program June 2022 On Track Interpretation and Response:
As at end of September, 14% of the Parks Asset Renewal Program has been delivered. This is above the planned program delivery target of 8% for the 1st quarter.
HC4.4.1 - Arts, Culture and Heritage Strategy 2018-2022 June 2022 On Track

Interpretation and Response:
Quarter 1 update:
The five key actions of Creative city: Logan City Council's Arts, Culture and Heritage Strategy 2018-2022 are development, engagement, places and spaces, partnerships and communication.

About: The strategy is a whole-of-Council document that states Council's commitment to arts, culture and heritage. It defines the key areas, strategies and actions to guide the management, sites and provision, and plan for its future growth and development. The strategy outlines areas where Council will work to develop more opportunities for the community and its arts, culture and heritage professionals to watch, enjoy and participate in creative activities, with the aim of enhancing quality lifestyle, creative industries and business across the region. It is an integral part of developing the city as an emerging tourist destination.

Actions: In the first quarter of the 2021/2022 financial year the following actions were undertaken:

Development: Artist-led online events were held at Logan Art Gallery. Tours and talks were undertaken with COVID-19 safe plans. 'Take home' packs were developed for children to activate their creativity during the school holidays. Logan Live Boost professional development sessions were held online. Regional Arts Development Program (RADF) guidelines and forms were updated and made accessible for RADF applicants, as the next round opened on 1 September.

Engagement: 'Have your say' music survey was distributed to the community to inform the City of Logan music action plan. A temporary contract music coordinator was appointed to deliver the three satellite events for Logan Live. Libraries and Creative Industries staff attended Ignite Youth Expo and Naidoc week, and presented creative activities for young people. A closing ceremony was held at Logan Art Gallery for Logan Elders to celebrate the 'Elders choice' exhibition.

Places and spaces: COVID-19 safe requirements are being undertaken to ensure visitor safety at all Council venues. 7,444 people attended Logan Art Gallery or participated in outreach activities, including digital outreach during the first quarter of the financial year. Public artwork 'Wander free' by Sally Terare was completed at the Kingston Butter Factory. The second public art project will commence in October. Beenleigh Town Square shade structure was completed and launched with the two artists assisting the Deputy Mayor and Councillor for Division 12 to cut the ribbon. 

Partnerships: Logan Live partners BEMAC and JMC Academy are providing input for this year's Boost professional development program for musicians. Art teachers and gallery staff selected artworks for the Artwaves exhibition of artwork by secondary school students.

Communication: Electronic mail invitations and e-bulletins were distributed to residents promoting exhibitions, resources, activities, events and funding. Logan Art Gallery Instagram account now has 1,263 followers.

Outcomes: Social media remains the key platform for promoting Creative Industries exhibitions, events and activities. One public artwork for the Kingston Butter Factory is completed and the second will commence once the works schedule permits.

HC4.5.1 - Delivery of Rosia Rd Masterplan - Stage 1 December 2021 Monitor Interpretation and Response:
As at the end of the first quarter:
  • The design and construction contract has been awarded.
  • The design is progressing.
  • The planners are submitting the required Federal Environmental application.
Project is noted as being in Monitor as the site works cannot commence until approval is received of the Federal Environmental application.
HC4.5.2 - Renewal of Logan North 50m Pool February 2022 On Track Interpretation and Response:
As at the end of the first quarter, the project has achieved the following:
  • Construction is well underway. 
  • Early electrical works have been completed.
  • Demolition of the pool shell has been completed.
  • New foundations are in progress.