High performing organisation - Quarter 1, 2021 / 2022

Project name Target Status Commentary
HP7.1.1 - Property rating strategies and framework March 2022 On Track Interpretation and Response:
As at the end of the first quarter, project initiation has been completed:  Project plan development and engagement of consultants has been completed in quarter 1 and work continues to progress toward achieving quarter 2 milestones.
HP7.2.1 - 213 Queens Road redevelopment June 2022 On Track Interpretation and Response:
As at the end of the first quarter:
  • The construction contract has been signed with the development to proceed in October 2021.
  • No risks or issues identified during this quarter.
  • Next quarter construction work will commence and be carried out.
HP7.2.2 - Community Engagement Strategy Action Plan December 2021 On Track Interpretation and Response:
As at the end of the first quarter, the Community Engagement Strategy has been delivered, with the Action Plan being developed from the framework.
HP7.2.3 - Community Engagement Framework June 2022 On Track Interpretation and Response:
As at the end of the first quarter:
Several community engagement initiatives were delivered during quarter 1, focussing on the following topics:
  • Home Fire Safety
  • Bushfire preparedness
  • Disaster preparedness for business
  • Logan Early Warning
  • Disaster Dashboard
  • SES recruitment
Methods of engagement included:
  • Facebook posts, polls and advertisements
  • Articles in the Our Logan magazine
  • Advertisements in the Jimboomba Times newspaper
  • Mobile Truck Billboard
  • Shopping Centre Advertising
  • Google Display Prospecting
  • Translated information on 4EB radio
  • Advertisements on Rebel FM Radio
  • Promotion of key messages via super banners on the Logan City Council website and via the Customer Service Centre and Library TV screens
The Disaster Management Program also partnered with Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) to deliver a number of initiatives and education opportunities for the Logan community focussing on:
  • Smoke Alarm Awareness
  • Home Fire Safety
  • Bushfire Safety
HP7.2.4 - Disaster Management Capability and Capacity Framework June 2022 On Track Interpretation and Response:
As at the end of the first quarter the following was achieved.

Local Disaster Management Plans
The following plans were reviewed and re-endorsed in the last quarter:
  • Local Disaster Management Plan
  • Local Recovery Plan
  • Community Information and Warnings Sub Plan
  • Evacuation Sub Plan
  • Supplementary Evacuation Plan for Health Outbreaks Plan
  • Hazard Specific Sub Plan
  •  Rapid Response Sub Plan
Emergency Action Plans for referable dams
The annual exercise for the Emergency Action Plan for Lake Dennis Dam was held 01 September 2021. 

SES Capability and Capacity Framework
Throughout the quarter the following training courses have been delivered to SES Members in preparedness for the pending storm season:
  • Flood Boat Operations
  • Chainsaw Operations
  • Working at Heights
  • SES Recruit Induction
  • Navigation Skills
  • Temporary Repairs
There has been a total of 3 activations for the last quarter.

Council's Recovery Arrangements
All Local Recovery Group members have been provided with the reviewed Local Recovery Group Toolkit. This has been shared with each of the Sub-Groups and a presentation on the Toolkit was provided at Sub-Group meetings. The Local Recovery Coordinator position is currently vacant. Managers have been provided the opportunity to nominate for this voluntary position through an expression of interest process that is currently underway. 

As part of the annual review of the Local Disaster Management Plan and Sub Plans, the Local Recovery Plan has been reviewed and was endorsed by the Local Disaster Management Group in August 2021.

Review of the Spontaneous Volunteer arrangements, plans and procedures are currently underway. The Disaster Management Program presented to the LDMG on 19 August 2021 to provide an update on the current review process and to provide context behind the decision to not re-endorse the Spontaneous Volunteer Sub Plan for 2021. Potential stakeholders have been approached with a proposed framework and request for quote documentation has been prepared to engage potential organisations. Negotiations are underway to formalise arrangements between Council and Volunteering Queensland for the use of EV CREW to register spontaneous volunteers.

The Disaster Management Program has developed modified bedding plans for health outbreak conditions for all identified evacuation centres within the City of Logan. This was undertaken in accordance with findings from the evacuation exercise program in 2020 and the Red Cross Guidelines for Evacuation Centre Planning and Operational Considerations COVID-19 guide.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services training was made available to Local Recovery Group and Sub-Group members. All sessions were held via Teams due to COVID restrictions. Trainings were held as follows:
  • 15 July: Queensland Disaster Management Arrangements
  • 12 August 2021: Queensland Disaster Management Arrangements & Recovery Modules 1 + 2
  • 19 August 2021: Recovery Modules 1 + 2
In 2020, the Disaster Management Program developed community profiles to identify the characteristics and associated risks for each Division in order to inform community engagement strategies and to assist with response and recovery efforts. These community profiles were updated in September 2021 to incorporate the new corporate branding and to include the Australian Disaster Risk Index rating for each Division. The Community Profiles will be reviewed again after June 2022 to reflect the 2021 Census data.
HP7.2.5 - Recruitment June 2022 On Track Interpretation and Response:
As at the end of the first quarter, significant work has been undertaken to increase the Talent Acquisition team's capacity including identifying process improvements to deliver efficiencies and the review of available resources to meet the workforce planning needs of Council.
HP7.2.6 - Procurement Model Review Stage 3 June 2022 On Track Interpretation and Response:
As at the end of the first quarter the project achieved the following:
  • Following a successful trial, Council's Executive Leadership Team endorsed Council to move to a strategic contracting framework.
  • Following a public notice of the proposed resolution, Council resolved to apply the Strategic Contracting Procedures as per Chapter 6, Part 2 of the Local Government Regulation 2012 to its contracts from 1 March 2021.
  • A change management plan has been developed that outlines how the Procurement Transformation Change Management Strategy is going to be translated into actionable steps to be implemented throughout the duration of the project. Deliverables within this plan that have been delivered include discovery of the current and future state, a business impact workshop with key stakeholders, a stakeholder register, key communications as outlined within the communication plan and a risk register.
  • Corporate Procurement have prepared for operational readiness across Council branches to deliver an improved value-add service under to a strategic contracting framework.
  • A service enhancement was approved that provides the investment needed to scale up Council's procurement function in a way that drives best value commerciality for Council and ultimately best value outcomes for the community. The recruitment for the new budgeted positions of the Business Engagement Lead and Strategic Sourcing and Contracts Specialists have been undertaken. It has been difficult to compete against the current market demand and therefore attract and/or retain suitably qualified candidates.
  • The Administration Manager and Corporate Procurement Program Leader have engaged with Branch Management Teams to introduce branches to the project (and away from the trial), explain why we are doing it and its benefit to their Branch and Council.
  • A Procurement request for quotation co-creation workshop was held on 27 August 2021. The purpose of the workshop was to work with our customers to co-create a fit-for-purpose process that balances risk, value, and governance.
  • In preparation for the transition to a strategic procurement framework, a key action is to develop a new Contracting Manual and Contracting Plans. The purpose of the manual is to document the new procedures and financial thresholds that facilitate a strategic approach to procurement and contracting activities. To ensure the manual is suitable for Council's needs, key stakeholders have been invited to form a Technical Working Group to gain feedback on its development.  Procurement is further working with Branches for the development of the Contracting Plans.
HP7.3.1 - Corporate Innovation Strategy June 2022 On Track Interpretation and Response:
In Quarter 1 of the new financial year, the Corporate Innovation Program has been involved in a range of key initiatives to deliver against the Corporate Innovation Strategy. Some of the highlights for Quarter 1 include:
  • Corporate Innovation Services: The program has provided facilitation and coaching services to a number of branches and initiatives across the organisation. This includes facilitating and coaching teams in the use of innovation tools to better understand the needs of their customers, designing service catalogues and analysing existing business processes to identify potential areas for business improvement.
  • Innovation Culture and Capability. The program launched the monthly 1 hour Lunch and Learn series in November 2020 for interested staff across the organisation and has been in operation for just over six months. In quarter 1, the program conducted a review to identify improvement opportunities and consequently, the series has been redesigned into shorter bite sized sessions (20 Min) and are now delivered across a morning session (brunch and learn), lunch session (little lunch and learn) and afternoon session (munch and learn) to enable greater accessibility for staff who are time poor. The program is also in the final testing phase of our first Online Innovation Training Program. This training program has been designed over 4 Modules and introduces the learning to the tools and techniques used by the Corporate Innovation Program to support creative problem solving and solution testing.  This training has been designed and underpinned by three foundational methodologies including Agile, Lean and Human Centred Design. This self paced online training program will be available to all staff through Council's Corporate Training System (ELMO) in Quarter Two.
  • Innovation Communication and Engagement.  The programs key focus are in Quarter 1 includes the launch of the second iteration of the PodCast Club and has been rebranding 'Innovation Unearthed'. This new edition expands on the former concept, by continuing the earlier features that were popular, including podcasts relating to innovation, but has now also expanded to include and showcasing innovation both within the organisation but also more broadly across other industries and sectors.  The click rate at time of launch in July was baselined at 29.9% and this has grown to 50%. Click rates measure the percentage of readers who are opening stories in the edition. The industry benchmark for click rates is 2.5%, so this edition appears to be resonating strongly with our staff. The program is also providing communications support and designing communication products for some key internal business initiatives, as well as external initiatives including City Studio, Catapult and CoLab which are key city initiatives being delivered through the Innovation and City Transformation Directorate.
HP7.3.2 - TechOne to the Cloud June 2022 On Track Interpretation and Response:
As at the end of the first quarter, the project is on track for transitioning from on premise solution to cloud solution.  Currently in implementation phase, with focus on integrations and planning for UAT and GO Live (Dec 2021).

CIA workstream also on track to transition current CI modules to CIA by June 2022.  Focusing on completing Planning and Design Phase by December 2021, moving into Implementation Phase in January 2022.
HP7.3.3 - Enterprise Asset Management System June 2022 On Track Interpretation and Response:
As at the end of the first quarter, the project achieved the following:
  • Business requirements workshops undertaken with key asset class owners. 
  • Procurement documentation and contractual go-to-market requirements being undertaken.
HP7.3.4 - Corporate project management practices June 2022 On Track Interpretation and Response:
A review of the project management guidelines are currently underway.  This review includes a broader assessment of portfolio management and takes into consideration the new project management training program being developed by People & Culture Branch.
HP7.4.1 - Change Framework June 2022 On Track Interpretation and Response:
As at the end of the first quarter, Change Capability continues to be consciously strengthened across Council in an integrated way to deliver sustained benefits. Outcomes achieved include providing enhanced change support to live projects, embedding an active Community of Practice, and leveraging licencing benefits.
HP7.5.1 - Corporate performance reporting June 2022 On Track Interpretation and Response:
As at the end of the first quarter, the following digitally interactive reports have been developed:
  • 2021-22 Projects
  • 2021-22 Operational Plan
  • 2021-22 Branch Business Plans
  • 2021-22 Strategy health
  • 2021-22 Major projects
  • Corporate Plan 2021-2026 on a page
These reports support the ability to track the performance of delivering Council's Corporate Plan 2021-2026.
Planning for the next set of reporting improvements is in progress.
HP7.5.2 - Certified Agreement negotiations June 2022 On Track Interpretation and Response:
As at the end of the first quarter:
  • Council has provided Unions an updated offer for consideration of a replacement Certified Agreement for Logan City Council.
  • The Unions have rejected the offer though are continuing to engage with their members on future claims and/or action for Council's consideration or response.
HP7.5.3 - Delegations review December 2021 Monitor Interpretation and Response:
As at the end of the first quarter:
  • The delivery of the Council's new delegations framework has been delayed and ELT have agreed to extend the target deadline for adoption by Council to April 2022.
  • CBP Lawyers have been delayed in returning  the draft delegations register to Council by 1 October in accordance with the project plan. This has caused a delay to the schedule.
  • CBP Lawyers are returning draft delegations instruments for comments and the Corporate Registers team is currently coordinating responses with branches.
  • Target date for CBP Lawyers to incorporate any feedback from the Project Team into the draft delegation instruments/register has been revised to 5 November 2021.
It is recommended that the target date for this project be extended to April 2022 to allow for adoption of the new delegations framework, which is expected to be adopted by April 2022.
HP7.6.1 - Strategic Accommodation Plan June 2022 On Track Interpretation and Response:
A consultant has been engaged to provide a high level economic based analysis (linked to service delivery). Please note this is a challenging environment in which to deliver this type of project due to the high number of unknowns.

A RFQ is also out to market to secure a Project Manager to assist Council deliver the preliminary stages of the South West Depot.
HP7.6.2 - Strategy addressing greywater services causing amenity issues June 2022 On Track Interpretation and Response:
As at the end of the first quarter, three properties have been identified. Quotes for rectification of these is underway.
HP7.7.1 - Advocacy Action Plan June 2022 On Track Interpretation and Response:
Following the endorsement of the Advocacy Strategy 2021-24, the Advocacy Program is developing a draft Advocacy Action Plan for implementation.