Image and Identity (II) - Quarter 4 2020/2021

Project Target Status Commentary

II1.1.1 - Deliver key marketing objectives from the City Positioning and Marketing Roadmap.

Purpose: Provide streamlined messaging to key audiences.

June 2021 Completed

As at the end of the fourth quarter, streamlining of the marketing planning was conducted. Activities were also delivered to message this for internal branches into more strategic groupings and content approaches as aligned to the new city brand, position and road map.

Activities planned for this financial year achieved.

II1.2.1 - Implement amendments to the City of Choice initiative.

Purpose: Advocate the interests of the city. Create partnerships with other levels of government and non-government organisations.

June 2021 Not Completed

As at the end of the fourth quarter, Council  received a response from the Federal Government that did not address our request for engaging  Council on a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to address employment program service delivery, instead pointing to existing employment programs.

A response to the Mayor's letter has not been received from the State Government. The Advocacy Program continues to follow this up with the Premier's office.

It is recommended that this project be moved to the 2021/2022 Operational Plan. The intent moving forward for this project is to engage with the Steering Committee to decide the future of this project.

II1.3.1 - Deliver the Catapult Program in collaboration with:
  • young people
  • industry
  • community
  • educators.
Purpose: Build job readiness and entrepreneurial capability for young people in Logan.
June 2021 Completed


During Quarter 4, the Catapult program launched for 2021 with 65 students from three foundation schools participating – Mabel Park State High School, Park Ridge State High School and Shailer Park State High School. Building on the work undertaken during the program pilot in 2020, the delivery model for 2021 has been refined to enable further opportunities for entrepreneurial capability development among participating students, more opportunities for educators to deepen their own skills in delivering entrepreneurial education, and more ways for businesses to engage in the program. Students now have access to school holiday programs to further their learning and build important networks, and teachers now benefit from a strengthened community of practice which enables them to regularly share knowledge and learn from each other to continue raising the standard of entrepreneurial education within schools across the City of Logan. Another 90 students are set to undertake the program during the second half of 2021 taking the total number to over 150.

Alumni from the 2020 pilot program have continued to receive support from Council, Griffith University, the Logan Chamber of Commerce and Substation 33 during Quarter 4 as they move towards launching their business ideas. These students have also played a role as ambassadors for the program and have shared their own experiences with students new to the program. Work is continuing with relevant partners to collaboratively build clear pathways between Catapult and the attainment and creation of local jobs and work experiences for participants.


With the program still in its early stages, engagement among participants, growth in program uptake and anecdotal feedback from participating businesses indicate that the Catapult program is delivering value for community currently and is in a good position to develop further and realise tangible outcomes for students and for the Logan economy.

II2.1.1 - Deliver the Parks Asset Renewal Program.

Purpose: Provide and maintain healthy and active recreation opportunities for families.

June 2021 Completed

Delivery of the 2020/21 Parks Asset Renewal Program was achieved. A minor number of projects will be finalised early in 2021/2022 financial year.

The 2021/2022 Parks Asset Renewal Program has been drafted and is currently in design.

II2.1.2 - Deliver park infrastructure through the Parks Capital Works Program.

Purpose: Increase tourism in the city. Create healthy and active recreation opportunities for families.

June 2021 Completed Delivery of the original Parks Capital Works Program was achieved. It is noted the delivery of a number of recently identified projects and larger Local Infrastructure Program funded projects will be completed in the 2021/2022 financial year.

II2.2.1 - Implement a Logan City Council Events Strategy 2020-2025.

Purpose: Guide the strategic direction of city-wide events across a five-year period.

June 2021 Completed As at the end of the fourth quarter, events continue to be delivered under COVID-19 frameworks. Eats & Beats, Berrinba Wetlands were delivered successfully along with the Logan Loves Volunteers Breakfast, and the annual Logan Eco Action Festival (LEAF) seeing strong community participation. Going into the new financial year a number of events will continue to be delivered under COVID-19 restrictions including:
  • IGNITE Youth & Careers Expo
  • Seniors Expo
  • city-wide Christmas Carols.
Activities planned for this financial year achieved.

II2.6.1 - Deliver detailed design work for a new general community space at Greater Flagstone.

Purpose: Enable the next stage of the proposed Greater Flagstone Integrated Service Hub to progress.

June 2021 Not Completed Consistent with feedback from previous quarters, the land has still not transferred from PEET to Council, and therefore the design work has not progressed. This work will commence once EDQ approves the land transfer and this is facilitated by PEET. The impact of this is that funding to deliver design work has been reprovided for 2021/2022 and is included as a priority in the 2021/2022 Annual Action Plan.

It is recommended that this project be moved to the 2021/2022 Operational Plan to track its completion.

II2.6.2 - Deliver detailed design for a new district level community centre at Yarrabilba.

Purpose: Enable construction to start on the Yarrabilba Integrated Service Hub.

June 2021 Completed Detailed design has been completed and the relevant Agreements have been finalised. Next steps for this project is the commencement of the facilities construction in the 2021/2022 financial year.