Kerbside cleanup

Large item collection service

Our Kerbside clean-up is a collection service that helps residents dispose of large household items. You should not place items out for Kerbside clean-up if they fit in your wheelie bin.

We deliver this service to all streets in Logan that receive a waste collection service. We will:

  • carry out collections over a specific two-week period for each suburb
  • give you advance notice of your collection date by delivering a flyer to your property.

Before you place items out for Kerbside Clean-up, please make sure you:

  • check what items we will and won’t accept as part of this large item collection service
  • check how and where to place the items on the kerbside
  • place your items out on the kerbside the weekend before your scheduled collection. Please don't place items out more than one week before your scheduled collection.
  • find out if you can reuse or recycle items you no longer want. See our A - Z of Waste and Recycling or Planet Ark’s Recycling Near You webpages.

2023 / 2024 Kerbside clean-up schedule


Suburbs area

Commencement date - Combined hard / green waste collection

Stockleigh, Logan Reserve, Tamborine, Cedar Creek, Logan Village, Buccan, Chambers Flat, Yarrabilba, Kairabah

19 February 2024

Loganlea, Waterford, Waterford West, Park Ridge 

11 March 2024

Northern Rochedale South (north of Underwood Road including both sides of Underwood Road) and Priestdale 

25 March 2024

Southern Rochedale South (south of Underwood Road but not including the southern side of Underwood Road)  

8 April 2024

Springwood, Underwood  

29 April 2024

Daisy Hill, Shailer Park  

13 May 2024

Carbrook, Cornubia, Loganholme, Tanah Merah 

27 May 2024


Kerbside clean-up is only provided to residential properties that have a Council provided waste collection service.

Properties that are not eligible include commercial properties, schools and vacant land.

Items we accept at the Kerbside clean-up

Green waste:

  • tree and shrub clippings and palm fronds cut into 1 metre lengths and tied into bundles
  • leaves and grass clippings left in cardboard boxes (not plastic bags).

Hard waste:

  • furniture
  • wood products (no longer than 1 metre in length)
  • carpet and linoleum (lino)
  • stoves, dishwashers and washing machines with doors removed
  • small amounts of building materials like timber, gyprock, bricks and tiles
  • mattresses.

Items we don't accept at the Kerbside clean-up

Items that are small enough to fit in your wheelie bin are not suitable for Kerbside clean-up.

We definitely can’t collect:

  • tyres, batteries, gas cylinders, gas canisters/cartridges and fire extinguishers
  • fibro sheeting (whether it contains asbestos or not)
  • hazardous or medical waste, chemicals, oils, paint
  • food or any waste that may rot or attract flies and vermin
  • refrigerators, air conditioners and freezers
  • glass or items that contain glass – including:
    • televisions
    • mirrors
    • computer monitors
    • glass tables
    • solar panels etc.
  • tree stumps, rocks, dirt and concrete
  • bean bags
  • bathtubs
  • items that are too heavy e.g. concrete. As a guide, any individual item should not be more than 25kg.

For information on where to dispose of the above items please see A to Z of waste disposal and recycling.

How and where to place items

Place your items neatly on the kerb in a pile and make sure:

  • that no more than two cubic metres of waste is placed out per dwelling.  This means that the pile or any individual item is no more than 2 metres wide, 1 metre high and 1 metre deep
  • you cut green waste into 1 metre lengths and tie it into bundles (with natural string)
  • your waste does not block footpaths, driveways, letterboxes, water meters or powerpoles
  • all items can be easily loaded by two people in under five minutes.

Excessive quantities or incorrectly presented items may not be collected.

Frequently asked questions

What if I do not follow these conditions?

We will not collect items put out for Kerbside clean-up that don’t meet the collection guidelines. You may also receive a fine for items not collected or put out before or after the Kerbside clean-up dates in your area.

What happens to the green waste that gets collected?

We collect greenwaste in a different truck. This is so the greenwaste is not contaminated. All greenwaste is chipped and sent to a facility for composting.

I have trouble using the service due to age/disability. What can I do?

Unfortunately our crews are not able to help remove items from your house. Ask family, friends or neighbours to give you a hand. There are community groups who may pick up items in good condition that they can sell or re-use. Some examples are:

There are also companies such as skip bin contractors who can take away rubbish. Fees apply for these services.

I accidentally threw something out, can I get it back?

We cannot return any items we collect. The items get crushed in the collection vehicle straight away.

Can I put my garden clippings in plastic bags?

No, All green waste should be placed in cardboard boxes. Our contractors cannot process the waste correctly if it is placed in a plastic bag.  

What can you do about people who go through kerbside rubbish piles and take items to keep, resell or strip?

This does happen, and unfortunately it’s out of our control. For more information about scavenging, see Illegal dumping.

If scavengers or vandals have gone through your pile, we would appreciate it if you tidied it up.

Will any of the items I put out be recycled?

No, we do not recycle the items we collect at kerbside clean up. If you have any unwanted household items that are still in good condition, you may be able to donate them to the Logan Recycling Market.

I work in a commercial property (e.g. warehouse or shop). Can we put waste out?

No, kerbside clean up is available to residential properties only. For disposal charges please see our Waste fee schedule (PDF 4.7 MB) brochure.