Loganlea Road upgrade transcript

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Video starts with overview of Loganlea Road, within the wider context of the Logan region

Text on screen:

Logan Motorway, Ellerslie Road, University Drive, Golf Course Drive, Queens Road, Loganlea road, Nujooloo Road and M1.


Footage of 3-dimensional map swings around to zoom in on Loganlea Road

The Loganlea Road upgrade project will focus on Loganlea Road, between the Logan Motorway (near University Drive) to the south and extend to Nujooloo Road (near the M1 Motorway entrance) to the north

Detailed footage commences at the southern end of the project site, near the Ellerslie Road/University Drive intersection. 

Text on screen:

University Drive, Loganlea Road and Ellerslie Road


Elevated footage hovers above the signalised intersection and begins to travel north along Loganlea Road, showing the following changes:

3 lanes of traffic in each direction

Extended turn lanes in each direction from Loganlea Road to the side streets of Ellerslie Road and University Drive 

A 2.5-metre-wide, off-road shared path on either side of the road 

A solid centre median to divide the traffic in either direction

The footage continues to travel north along the road to the Queens Road intersection. This intersection is controlled by traffic signals.

Text on screen:

Queens Road


At this intersection, there is a U-turn facility for vehicles travelling north to utilise

There is a dedicated left turn lane into Queens Road on the northbound side of the road

1.5-metre on road cycle lanes commence at the Queens Road intersection

The footage continues north along Loganlea Road to the intersection of Golf Course Drive. This intersection is controlled by traffic signals. 

Text on screen:

Golf Course Drive


At this intersection, there is a dedicated, extended right turn lane into Golf Course Drive for northbound motorists and an extended left turn lane into Golf Course Drive for southbound motorists

At the Golf Course Drive intersection, southbound motorists are provided with a U-turn facility

The footage continues along Loganlea Road in a northbound direction

The elevated footage shows the continued provision of the on-road cycle lanes and the 2.5-metre-wide off-road shared path on both sides of the road.

The footage approaches Ray Hodgson Bridge.

Text on screen:

Slacks Creek


Currently 2-lanes wide in each direction, the bridge will be strengthened to carry heavier vehicles and will be widened to cater to an additional lane of traffic in the northbound direction. The bridge widening will also provide a separate 3-metre wide pedestrian and cycle path. Northbound the bridge will be 3-lanes in width, while southbound the bridge will remain 2-lanes wide.

Text on screen:

Nujooloo Road, M1


The extra lane in the northern direction will provide a dedicated lane onto the M1 Motorway at the Nujooloo Road intersection.

The footage ends at this location as this is the extent of works, with the project finishing at the Nujooloo Road intersection.

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