Maintaining current levels of service - Quarter 1, 2021 / 2022

Project Name Target Status Commentary
MS1.1.1 - Customer Satisfaction Surveys (Internal Services Survey and Residents' Survey) June 2022 On Track Interpretation and Response:
An initial assessment of the approach for both the residents and internal services survey has been done.  The Residents Survey will be delivered as per the project management plan used in 2019.  Engagement with stakeholders will be undertaken to identify opportunities for improvement to the internal services survey.
MS1.3.1 - Customer Experience Quality Assurance Framework June 2022 Completed Interpretation and Response:
As at the end of the first quarter, the framework design and testing was successfully completed. Training and rollout was also completed.
The Customer Experience Program was experiencing a high number of privacy breaches and was not meeting the reporting requirements for privacy, confidentiality and the use of information. This was mitigated by the release of an updated version of Livepro to support the Quality Assurance Framework.
Project complete.