Next Generation Governance (NG) - Quarter 1 2020/2021

Project Target Status Commentary

NG1.1.1 - Deliver enhancements and new features to the corporate website.

Purpose: Provide enhanced digital customer experiences.

June 2021 On Track

The Digital Customer Experience Team have reviewed and updated the majority of all documents available via the corporate website and all web content to ensure compliance against the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 AA standard. 

The focus areas for the following quarter are the completion of any outstanding attached documents requiring updates for compliance against the WCAG 2.1 AA standard and amending our web content and layout to support the recently endorsed rebranding strategy.

NG1.2.1 - Develop a proposal for proactive and targeted educational or compliance programs. These will link to systemic risks or priority city-wide issues of public importance.

Purpose: Increase compliance.

December 2020 On Track We are currently scoping out the larger strategic project regarding the educational program.  We have also continued our pool compliance program, and begun work on the retaining wall awareness project.

NG2.1.1 - Deliver a news and community website.

Purpose: Provide stronger communication channels to the community.

June 2021 On Track The Media Branch has prepared a report to go to the Executive Leadership Team (ELT). The report will be seeking endorsement for the project to present at a future committee meeting. The project will be a collaboration between Media Branch and Marketing.

NG2.1.2 - Develop a revised community engagement strategy, with input from the community.

Purpose: Further enhance Council's commitment to broader engagement practices and processes.

June 2021 On Track

Council approved the draft strategy to proceed to community consultation. This occurred for August to September. Review of feedback now occurring.

The focus for the following quarter will be to seek Council endorsement of the finalised strategy.

NG3.1.1 - Develop and implement a compliance management system.

Purpose: Ensure effective and accountable governance.

June 2021 On Track

The development of the Compliance Framework is currently in progress. Consultation has taken place with the Executive Leadership Team and the Collective Leadership Team. The draft framework is being presented to the Executive Leadership Team for approval on 15 October 2020.

The Compliance Framework will then be presented to the City Governance Committee to be held on 20 October 2020. 

Once the framework is finalised, stage 2 will involve risk management workshops with the Executive Leadership Team and stage 3 will involve implementation of a system for capture and reporting of Council's compliance obligations.

NG3.1.2 - Develop and implement a governance framework.

Purpose: Promote best practice for corporate governance.

June 2021 On Track The development of the Governance Framework is currently in progress with a draft being presented to the City Governance Committee Meeting to be held on 20 October 2020.

NG3.1.3 - Deliver actions to secure Quality Management System ISO9001:2015 certification.

Purpose: Ensure a consistently high quality of service is delivered to customers and stakeholders.

June 2021 On Track A gap analysis was provided from the internal compliance audit undertaken by Business Transformation branch, which enabled evolution of an accurate job scope. Job scope was uploaded to request for quotation (RFQ) on vendor panel for external contractor. RFQ submissions close 9 October and panel assessment and contractor selection will commence 12 October. External review to be completed January 2021 ready for precertification audit (Stage 1). Stage 1 audit and Certification audit tentatively booked with SAI Global for February 2021 and April 2021 respectively pending acceptance of their quote. First Quality Management System Management Review meeting held during September and will be held monthly here on in. Two internal audits were undertaken during September with no non conformances. The internal review of processes and documentation continues and is approximately 50% progressed.

NG3.1.4 - Engage all stakeholder groups across the city to develop a long-term plan and city vision.

Purpose: Inform the strategic direction for the City of Logan.

June 2021 On Track During September, the Business Transformation team and the Community Engagement team continued to work closely to progress the Community Visioning project. The following aspects of the process were delivered:
  • Marketing and Media Plans developed
  • Messaging and Scope Statement finalised
  • Engagement techniques reviewed
  • Internal Stakeholder Group parameters defined and Expression of Interest issued
  • Terminology and key definitions (Glossary) further developed 
  • Phases 2 and 3 of the Community Engagement approach further developed
  • Reporting requirements and preferences determined, report template developed
  • First report to ELT successfully delivered
The Councillor briefing and presentation was successfully delivered in September with support gained for Phases 2 and 3 of the Community Engagement approach and the Community Visioning process to date.
Phase 1 - Broad Community Engagement – commenced on 14 September and will continue until 25 October. The process is supported by Councillors, and underpinned by marketing and media initiatives to raise awareness in the community.

NG3.1.5 - Deliver the Asset Management Strategy.

Purpose: Build organisational capability in sustainable asset management practices. Enable cost optimisation to meet the current and future needs of the city.

June 2021 On Track Progress of the delivery of key deliverables as per the Asset Management Strategy Improvement Plan, continue and are currently per schedule.
These Include:
  • Asset Condition Assessment guidelines and plan which have been completed and will be provided to stakeholders for review and feedback in October. 
  • Development of the new Total Asset and Services Management Plan (TASMP) using a new template
  • Development of dashboard reporting capability
  • Creating a new template for Asset Management Plan (AMP).

NG3.1.6 - Deliver the Corporate Innovation Strategy.

Purpose: Build organisational capability in using innovation models. Enable services to be delivered in new and better ways.

June 2021 On Track

Following adoption of the Corporate Innovation Strategy on the 28 August 2019, the strategy has been designed to deliver across three key areas: Corporate Innovation Services, Capability Uplift and Innovation Communication & Engagement.  The first year of delivery was focused on 'Establishing and Building Corporate Innovation' across the organisation.  Now at the start of the second year of operation, the strategy focus is on 'Embed and Scale'.  Corporate Innovation Services are provided to the organisation and with a priority focus on Tier 1 clients who are primarily internal service providers from the Organisational Services Directorate.  Some of the internal initiatives supported through Corporate Innovation Services in September include:

  1. Lone Worker Pilot
  2. Logan Buy Campaign
  3. Corporate Governance DM Replacement

For capability uplift, Council has invested in a number of internal stakeholders to complete the world leading T4 Masterclass in Innovation Program. The staff graduated from the program in July and now form part of the T4 Alumni. The Corporate Innovation Program is working on delivering innovation services through the application of innovation tools and techniques derived from the program.  The key focus of the program is to support corporate problem solving across four tiers of engagement including: Problem Discovery and validation, Ideating & Prototyping, Solution Testing and Facilitating innovation teams to solve problems.

The Corporate Innovation program is in the initial design phase for developing the innovation tools and techniques from the T4 program which will assist in organisational capability uplift and is facilitating activation of the T4 Alumni by engaging with the organisation for opportunities for the T4 Alumni to facilitate innovation teams to solve problems. 

Innovation Communication & Engagement continues to be rolled out across the organisation through the monthly Innovation Podcast which is distributed internally.  As at September there are 160 internal staff subscribed to the Innovation Podcast.

NG3.2.1 - Deliver an advocacy campaign leading into the State Government election in October 2020.

Purpose: Secure infrastructure investment for the City of Logan from the State Government.

October 2020 Not Proceeding

A decision was made to pause Council's FairShare4Logan platforms in March 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. No budget was allocated towards a State election campaign in 2020/2021. Assistance has been offered and provided to Councillors who wished to advocate for divisional priorities with State candidates, as per the program's usual scope of business. 

It is recommended this project be removed from the 2020/2021 Operational Plan.

NG3.2.2 - Deliver the Advocacy Strategy 2020-2024 and implement a program of priorities.

Purpose: Build strategic relationships to influence policy and investment in the best interests of the city.

June 2021 On Track The Advocacy Program held a workshop with Councillors on 26 August regarding work to date on the new Advocacy Strategy. Work is underway to refine proposed priorities for inclusion in the Strategy following feedback received at the workshop.

NG3.3.1 - Deliver actions from the City of Logan Biosecurity Plan 2017-2022.

Purpose: Manage invasive pests, plants and animals across the city.

June 2021 On Track As at the end of the first quarter, the Biosecurity Surveillance Program and invasive biosecurity matter control are on target.

NG3.3.1 - Deliver actions from the City of Logan Biosecurity Plan 2017-2022.

Purpose: Manage invasive pests, plants and animals across the city.

June 2021 On Track As at the end of the first quarter, the Biosecurity Surveillance Program and invasive biosecurity matter control are on target.

NG4.1.1 - Deliver a Safety Culture Action Plan and an organisational wellness strategy.

Purpose: Ensure the safety of our people, contractors and community. Build resilience and maximise the physical and mental health and well-being of our people.

June 2021 On Track Council's new Health and Safety Strategy was endorsed at the end of July 2020. This strategy serves to strengthen and deepen our existing positive safety culture. Extensive planning for the formal strategy launch is underway.

NG4.1.2 - Deliver 14 strategic people projects.

Purpose: Enable and support our people to deliver on the Corporate Plan 2017-2022.

June 2021 Monitor Project deliverables within the People Plan are currently being reprioritised given the impact of COVID-19. During this quarter, People and Culture's priority has been the development of initiatives designed to ensure our people are physically safe, mentally resilient and able to effectively work under COVID-19 conditions.

NG5.1.1 - Deliver an updated hazard and risk profile for the city.

Purpose: Improve disaster management capabilities.

June 2021 On Track

The All Hazards Risk Assessment has been reviewed, rationalised, and is due for completion by October 2020.

Community Profiling
The community profiling project has now been finalised.  The divisional community profiles include: 

  • Information on community characteristics
  • Needs and associated risks 
  • Vulnerabilities for each Division which informs community education and engagement strategies 

Community Engagement
Messaging will transition from bushfire awareness into storm preparedness messaging from the start of October 2020 to align with the launch of Get Ready Week. This also fits in with Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) Bushfire Safety Campaign, which finished at the end of September 2020.

NG5.1.2 - Deliver the annual review of the Local Disaster Management Plan, sub-plans and Standard Operating Procedures.

Purpose: Ensure policies, practices and operational procedures align with agencies. Identify opportunities for continuous improvement.

June 2021 Completed The following plans were re-endorsed at the LDMG Meeting held 27 August 2020
  • Local Disaster Management Plan
  • Recovery Sub-Plan
  • Spontaneous Volunteers Sub-Plan
  • Community Information and Warnings Sub-Plan
  • Evacuation Sub-Plan
  • Hazard Specific Sub-Plan
  • Rapid Response Sub-Plan

NG5.2.1 - Finalise the Logan and Albert River floodplain study and plan.

Purpose: Improve flood management strategies in the event of a flood disaster.

June 2021 On Track The Logan and Albert River floodplain study is currently undergoing a second peer review process. The peer review processes are likely to invite additional work. The need for this extra work is now being discussed with the consultant.