Planning and Development Online

Council's PD Online service is currently not available. We apologise for any inconvenience. Information about development applications can be found in the Logan PD Hub's Development Enquiry tool. If you urgently require documents for an application, please contact our team.

Our Planning and Development (PD) Online system is a free tool to help you find information about properties and development in Logan.

Application enquiries

You can use PD Online application enquiries to:

  • Search by application to track the progress of a development application or view the details:
    • you can view publicly accessible documents, these generally include the application plans and decisions
    • the application will show all properties involved
    • when you are searching for an application only use the numbers from the application – for example, for MCUC/1/2015 enter 1 then 2015.
  • See applications recently lodged or decided – for example, applications lodged or decided this week, last week, last month.

Property enquiries

You can use PD Online property enquiries to:

  • Search for a property and review planning information (for example zones, constraints).
  • See development activity (applications lodged and decided) on the property. This search will show all applications on the property (even if it is not the primary property on an application).

Other free online planning tools

Logan PD Hub

You can use the Logan PD Hub to:

  • review key maps from the Logan Planning Scheme
  • get a free property report with a zoning map and planning scheme information – for example, zones and constraints (overlays)
  • review estimated costs for a proposed development on a property including development application fees, infrastructure charges and environmental offsets for any vegetation clearing
  • get a free flood level report for a selected property
  • find out what kind of development is preferred on a selected property and what rules apply or find a property where you could possibly do a selected development.

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As-constructed plans

You can use the as-constructed plans online tool to search for a property and review information about the below-ground sanitary drainage system for residential or commercial properties. This service includes as-constructed plans for sewer, water, stormwater and roofwater.

Logan Planning Scheme (ePlan)

Use our ePlan - online interactive viewer for the Logan Planning Scheme tool to view information from our current and superseded planning schemes (the land use policy telling you what can be done where in the City of Logan). You can search for keywords, view and provide feedback on any proposed changes and download or print specific sections or documents.

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Open data portal

The Logan City open data portal includes key data from the Logan Planning Scheme 2015. It also contains application data including decided development applications, undecided development applications, building work applications and plumbing applications which are updated nightly.

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