Lost and found animals

Lost animals

If you lose your animal, please go to the Animal Management Centre every day to look for your animal. You can also look on our Impounded animals page, we display photos of all impounded animals.

It is important to go to the Animal Management Centre to look for your animal because:

  • your animal may have lost its collar and registration tag
  • we may not be able to read the microchip
  • it can be hard for us to confirm if it is your animal from a description.

We check all animals brought to the Animal Management Centre for a registration tag and a microchip, and we try to make contact with the owner.

If you are going to the Animal Management Centre to look for your animal or to collect an animal, the following safety rules apply:

  • you must wear enclosed footwear in the kennel area, thongs are not acceptable
  • only one person can go into the kennel area to identify their animal
  • children are not able to go into the kennel area for their own safety. Please avoid bringing children
  • please bring a lead for your dog or a suitable cage to transport cats and other animals.

You can also check with the RSPCA, Animal Welfare League, other local councils or your local vet clinic for your missing animal.

Found animals

If you have found a cat or dog, please take it to our Animal Management Centre at 213 Queens Road, Kingston.

If you can’t take the animal to the Animal Management Centre, please call us during business hours on 07 3412 3412 to arrange collection.

It is important to report found animals to us because:

  • the owner may be looking for it at the Animal Management Centre
  • the animal may be wearing a registration tag and we can contact its owner
  • we can scan for a microchip to identify its owner.

After-hours holding pens

If you find a cat or dog outside of our business hours, you can use our after-hours holding pens as a safe place to put the cat or dog.

The after-hours holding pens are located at the Animal Management Centre at 213 Queens Road, Kingston.

We check the pens every morning and afternoon on the weekend and every morning on weekdays.

We check all animals put in the pens for registration tags and microchips. We also add the animal’s photo to our Impounded animals webpage.

The after-hours holding pens are NOT suitable for sick or injured animals or wildlife. If you find sick or injured animals or wildlife, please see Sick or injured wildlife for more information.