Large parrots (sulphur crested cockatoos, galahs and similar)

The table below shows how many large parrots you can have on your property.

Property Size (square meters) Number of animals allowed
0 to 600 0
601+ Up to 100 birds with no more than one pair per 600 square metres

If you wish to keep more than one pair of large parrots per 600 square metres, you will need a development approval. For more information please see Development in Logan.

Enclosure requirements

Providing a suitable enclosure is an important part of being a responsible pet owner. Enclosures should be in a clean and tidy condition at all times.

Enclosures must not be:

  • within 10 metres of a neighbouring dwelling
  • within 2 metres of the boundary of the property.

General requirements

As a responsible pet owner, you must make sure that keeping larger parrots does not cause:

  • a disturbance or disruption to a neighbour’s enjoyment of their own premises
  • a nuisance, such as noise or odour
  • a build-up of animal faeces
  • breeding or harbouring of flies or vermin
  • damage to property
  • harm to human health or safety.

For more information about Animal Keeping Local Laws, please visit Local Law No. 4 (Animal Management) 2002, or Subordinate Local Law No. 4.1 (Animal Management) 2002 (PDF 474 KB).

Other bird types

Find out more about your responsibilities for the keeping of other bird types: