Public art

Picture of the art installation names Forest of Memories

Logan has a growing collection of public artworks throughout the city. Public artworks are commissioned to improve the city’s appearance, encourage discussion and debate about who we are, and increase pride in the City of Logan.

Public art opportunity

Public art opportunities are posted here when they become available.

Public art and heritage trails

To find out more about our arts, culture and heritage trails, please download the brochures below.

What does public art do?

Public art can:

  • enhance the sense of place of Logan's public spaces
  • bring the arts into our everyday lives for everyone to enjoy
  • raise awareness that Logan is a place of artistic innovation
  • provide employment for Logan's artists, craftsworkers and designers
  • celebrate Logan's cultural diversity and heritage
  • increase people’s appreciation of public spaces
  • encourage discussion and debate within the community
  • enhance the sense of ownership, pride and cultural identity
  • help Logan to be recognised for its vitality, liveability and cultural distinctiveness.