Quality Lifestyles (QL) - Quarter 3 2020/2021

Project Target Status Commentary

QL1.1.1 - Develop the Community Infrastructure Strategy Annual Action Plan for 2021/2022.

Purpose: Outline the priorities of community infrastructure for 2021/2022.

June 2021

On Track

Work has commenced on the development of the 2021/2022 Annual Action Plan

QL1.1.2 - Deliver construction works of a new PCYC at Cronulla Park.

Purpose: Provide a new facility to encourage increased participation in physical activity.

June 2021

On Track

The project is progressing well with the Building nearly complete. External works are nearing completion. There have been significant delays due to rain this year which has put the project back on its original time frame.

QL1.1.3 - Construct an outdoor events space and redevelop the Kingston Butter Factory.

Purpose: Provide a performing arts space and social history museum. It will be a state-of-the-art cultural precinct for community celebration and entertainment.

June 2021


The rain and lockdowns have had a major impact on this project delaying works by multiple weeks.  Due to its staging there are elements of the project that are nearly complete.

The KBF building has progressed quite slowly as it was without a roof during the recent periods of sustained rain. We are yet to finalise the rain delays however the completion date for the entire project will be beyond June. 

Overall this project is proceeding well not withstanding the rain delays.

QL1.1.4 - Complete construction of the Underwood Park Multi Sport Development.

Purpose: To increase participation in physical activity.

September 2020



The Underwood Park Multi Sport Development achieved Practical Completion on 24 of September 2020.

The facility is being well activated by the lessees with the Meals on Wheels organisation to move in to their new facility in the coming weeks.

Council are currently addressing some issues with drainage of the two storey building and the netball courts with Qbuild and the Principal Contractor through the defects process.

Council is also completing designs to stabilise the banks on either side of the two storey building. Completion of the netball storage shed has been delayed and works will not commence until possibly late December.

QL1.3.1 - Deliver the outcomes of the Libraries Learning and Discovery Strategy 2019-2023.

Purpose: Provide meaningful library programming to the community. This will be achieved through the six strategic priorities of:

  • access and inclusion
  • economic opportunity
  • nurturing learning and well-being
  • sustainability
  • connected community
  • embracing life-long curiosity and discovery.

June 2021


On Track


Over the third quarter, Libraries have completed the following actions in support of the objectives of the Libraries Learning and Discovery Strategy:

  • Progression of the Libraries and Creative Industries branch community programming 2020 and beyond project. Over the third quarter, the project group actioned the programming priorities that supported COVID-recovery and key areas of learning for the community. Priorities included the return of COVID-safe in-library children's activities, employment assistance programs, one-on-one Technology help and adult literacy support.
  • Ongoing delivery of online programming including live streaming and on-demand events.
  • Delivery of COVID-safe, in-library children's literacy sessions at seven libraries and online. Sessions include Wriggle and Rhyme, Baby Time, Page Turners.
  • Bulk deliveries of library items to 320 home library service customers.
  • Procurement of equipment to support the digital delivery of library programs.
  • Preparation for supporting recommencement of COVID-safe community use of the Library Meeting rooms.


The Libraries Learning and Discovery Strategy informs the programming deliverables of the Libraries and Creative Industries' Business Plan. This strategy provides the framework to allow library staff to be guided in the development, implementation and evaluation of purposeful and engaging library programming and community engagement.

QL1.3.2 - Deliver the libraries early years services and 'First Five Forever' initiative.

Purpose: Support early years and literacy-based development for Logan families with children under five.

June 2021

On Track

Over the third quarter First Five Forever has completed the following actions in support of the Libraries and Creative Industries 2020/21 Business Plan:

  • Delivery of COVID-safe, face-to-face children's literacy sessions at libraries
  • Delivering COVID-safe community outreach through their network partnerships across the city.
  • Participation at the Springwood Early Feeding and Support clinic and Yarrabilba Family and Community Place.
  • Participation in 108 community network meetings.
  • Participation in the Welcome Jarjums to Country working group
  • Progression of the Logan Little Learning Stars and the Community Literacy Champions as part of a State Library of Queensland grant.


First Five Forever aims to support the learning outcomes for all Logan children aged 0-5 years old by providing programs that offer talking, reading, singing, playing, dancing, and moving.

QL1.4.1 - Deliver a health and wellbeing program for all ages and abilities.

Purpose: Provide opportunities for residents to take part in physical activities and health and wellbeing programs that are affordable and accessible.

June 2021

On Track

Live Well Logan delivered over 130 active and healthy well-being activities between 11 January to 31 March 2021.  During this time three days of activities were cancelled due to COVID lockdowns.

Council engaged with the community to gain feedback on activities being delivered and asked for information on what could be delivered in the future.  This online feedback survey opened on 18 November 2020 and closed on 14 February 2021.  291 responses were received.

Request for proposals for service providers for the Live Well Logan program opened on 11 January and closed on 14 February 2021.  Community members, organisations and businesses were invited to apply to deliver activities from July 2021 to June 2022. 132 applications were received.

QL1.5.1 - Deliver an Illegal Dumping Team project, funded by the State Government.

Purpose: Undertake key education and enforcement initiatives to reduce waste dumping issues in the city.

June 2021

On Track

The Task Force continues to deliver value, including having to date:

  • investigated 607 complaints from concerned residents
  • identified 87 offenders through covert surveillance
  • issued $111,417 in fines
  • developed public education and awareness material
  • invested in covert surveillance assets to detect illegal dumping
  • gathered intelligence about repeat offenders in the city.

With the remaining grant funds, the team will shortly move to establish hotspot signage across the city. Due to the effectiveness of a proactive waste taskforce model, a service enhancement seeking an additional 12 month's funding has been prepared.

QL1.5.2 - Deliver actions from the City of Logan Animal Care Strategy 2018-2022.

Purpose: Maintain healthy and safe places and spaces for residents, businesses and visitors.

June 2021

On Track

As at the end of the third quarter, actions from the Animal Management Strategy continue to be delivered. These include:

  • A draft of the cat management plan has been completed however the project remains on hold until quarter 4;
  • Annual inspections of regulated dog keeping conditions has proceeded with 100% completion year-to-date;
  • Implementation of the Barking Dog Management Plan has been completed and continues to be reviewed;
  • The review of Cat and Dog provisions in Local Law 4 and Subordinate Local Law 4.1 has been completed and continues to be implemented. 
  • The Be-Pet Smart program is being delivered in a COVID-19 safe format with provision of learning material to schools for their delivery to students.  Classroom bookings will resume in Term 2.

QL2.1.1 - Deliver the Arts, Culture and Heritage Strategy 2018-2022 action plan.

Purpose: Improve community capacity and the image of the city. This will be achieved across the City of Logan through the five strategic outcomes of:

  • development
  • engagement
  • places and spaces
  • partnerships
  • communication.
June 2021 On Track

The five key actions of Creative City: Logan City Council's Arts, Culture and Heritage Strategy 2018-2022 are development, engagement, places and spaces, partnerships and communication. These were delivered through exhibitions, activities, programs, events and activations during the third quarter of the 2020/2021 financial year


The strategy is a whole of council document that states Council's commitment to arts, culture and heritage. It defines the key areas, strategies and actions to guide the management, sites and provision, and plan for its future growth and development. The strategy outlines areas where Council will work to develop more opportunities for the community and its arts, culture and heritage professionals to watch, enjoy and participate in creative activities, with the aim of enhancing quality lifestyle, creative industries and business across the region. It is an integral part of developing the city as an emerging tourist destination.


Development: Artist-led face-to-face public programs recommenced at Logan Art Gallery with COVID-19 safe plans for each event. 8 applications were received from artists for the Regional Arts Development Fund.


Two COVID-safe 'staggered' exhibition openings were held at Logan Art Gallery during this quarter to launch nine exhibitions. Online gallery presentations continue on social media platforms and interactive online practical workshops were developed and delivered. 'Do@home' take home art packs have been developed, promoted and proven very popular with families especially over the school holiday period.

Places and spaces:

COVID-19 safe requirements are being undertaken to ensure visitor safety at all Council venues. The 'Check in QLD' app has been introduced at venues and take up has been positive. 6,564 people attended Logan Art Gallery or participated in outreach activities. Artists were consulted with about their designs for Beenleigh Town Square shade structure.
Partnerships: Creative Industries is partnering with Logan Hospital to provide input into developing an engaging look and feel for the community, as part of the expansion project. Regional Arts Development Fund application was developed for submission to Arts Queensland. 


Electronic direct mail invitations and e-bulletins were distributed to residents promoting exhibitions, resources, activities, events and funding. Logan Art Gallery Instagram account now has 1,118 followers.


Social media remains the key platform for promoting Creative Industries' exhibitions, events and activities.
Visitors to the gallery have welcomed 'staggered openings' and the reintroduction of COVID-19 safe programs.
Work has commenced on the Beenleigh Town Square which will showcase local artists' works as part of the shade structure.

QL2.1.2 - Develop and curate content for the Living Museum of Logan at the Kingston Butter Factory Cultural Precinct.

Purpose: Share the stories of:

  • our culturally diverse communities
  • Logan's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities
  • themes of importance to Logan's people.

June 2021

On Track


The Living Museum of Logan will tell the stories of the people of Logan. It will be a non-collecting, family-friendly space where residents and visitors to Logan can be inspired and learn about Logan City.


Museum Curator Ms Sana Balai commenced in February, undertook induction, and met with internal and external stakeholder groups, particularly First Nations community. Community members and artists are being selected to contribute to the first displays. Research and development continues to be undertaken for the annual program.


Development of the Living Museum of Logan spaces, displays and programs continues.

QL2.2.1 - Deliver community services grants that fund community organisations.

Purpose: Support projects that respond to community priorities.

June 2021

On Track

The following Community Development Funding grants were awarded between January and March 2021: 

  • Two community organisations were awarded Community Project Grants to the value of $11,622.50. 
  • One community organisation was awarded a Community Response Grants to the value of $5,000. 

Council's COVID-19 Community Response Grants ceased on 30 December 2020 with the final seven community organisations being awarded funding to the value of $34,098 in January 2021.  

Based on a review of Council's Community Services grants a revised “Community Development Funding” program was implemented on 26 February 2021. The revised grants program now includes:

  • Community Project Grants (up to $10,000) - available for organisations working collaboratively to deliver projects that respond to a community priority and support long term outcomes.
  • Community Response Grants (up to $5,000) - available for a quick response to an immediate community priority.

QL2.2.2 - Deliver a school holiday program for five to 17-year-olds.

Purpose: Encourage young people to take part in active and healthy programs during school holidays.

June 2021

On Track

The January KRANK school holiday program ran from 9 to 25 January 2021 and delivered 98 in person activities and 14 at home activities with a total of 1,734 young people attending.  50 additional activities were programmed for this school holiday period to assist with demand

Bookings for the April 2021 school holiday program opened on Monday 22 March 2021.

QL2.2.3 - Coordinate the implementation of the Access and Inclusion Plan 2019 - 2022.

Purpose: To create a more accessible and inclusive city for everyone.

June 2021

On Track

Council's Access and Inclusion Internal Working Group met in February where actions of the Access and Inclusion Plan continue to be progressed.

The following are highlights of achievements from this reporting period:

The Community Services branch have partnered with People & Culture to support the procurement process for Disability Awareness Training to over 2,000 employees.

Community Services has increased accessible activities within the Live Well Logan program.

The Health, Environment and Waste branch are in the process of developing new Braille stickers to be made available to vision impaired residents to assist in identifying their general waste, recycling, and green waste bins.

QL2.2.4 - Coordinate the implementation of the Reconciliation Action Plan.

Purpose: To achieve Council's vision for reconciliation. To increase respect and understanding.

June 2021

On Track

An outcome report for Council's Reconciliation Action Plan 2019-2020 was presented to the City Lifestyles Committee in January 2021. The report outlined that of the 55 deliverables committed to in our second RAP, 42 (76.4%) were achieved, eight (14.5%) are in progress and five have not commenced. A plan is in place to commence the remaining actions.

The RAP Working Group has commenced planning for a third Reconciliation Action Plan and will prepare an interim plan so that Council can continue and deliver and monitor actions and outcomes between RAP's.

QL2.2.5 - Deliver the Community Development Action Plan.

Purpose: To work with the community to build a more cohesive and connected City of Logan.

June 2021

On Track

The two year Community Development Action Plan reached its completion date in December 2020.

An outcome report is being finalised, detailing the outcomes against the actions within the ten priority areas between 2019-2020.

QL2.3.1 - Implement and evaluate the SafeRoads4Logan, Road Safety Strategy 2017-2021.

Purpose: Encourage safer travel for residents, businesses and visitors.

June 2021

On Track

During the third quarter, Traffic Services Coordinator continued to meet every one (1) to two (2) weeks with Queensland Police Service traffic representatives and Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) road safety representatives to discuss and develop strategies in response to current crash trends and planned Police traffic operations.

Commenced a number of speed limit reviews and awaiting outcome of nominations TMR Vulnerable Road User Program funding for 40 km/h speed zones in pedestrianised road corridors.  Speed management advisory committee and road safety startegy working group postponed to May due to flooding and COVID events.

QL2.4.1 - Deliver a crime profile that provides a detailed analysis of key crimes in the City of Logan.

Purpose: Help plan community safety and crime prevention activities for the next year.

June 2021


Throughout this quarter, crime statistics for the Logan Local Government Area have been collected and analysed to identify priority issues, locations and emerging trends through the development of an annual Crime Profile for the City of Logan.

Crime statistics for 2019/2020 have also been utilised to develop Divisional Crime and Safety Profiles to help inform planning for targeted crime prevention initiatives for the year ahead.

These documents have also been distributed to the Mayor and relevant Councillors.

QL2.4.2 - Deliver an awards event.

Purpose:  Acknowledge those who work to create a safer City of Logan:

  • individuals
  • community groups
  • not-for-profit organisations
  • businesses
  • government agencies

June 2021


The 2020 City of Logan Safe City Awards were held in November 2020.

These awards acknowledge the work of volunteers, not-for-profit groups and government/businesses that have contributed to making Logan more welcoming, inclusive and safe through initiatives, activities or events over the past 12 months.

A total of 12 nominations were received and a total of 7 awards were presented to the community.


QL2.4.3 - Deliver a community survey.

Purpose: Gain an understanding of community perceptions on safety and crime in the City of Logan. This will support planning for community safety and crime prevention activities. It will also determine if the Community Safety Program is meeting the goals identified in the City of Logan Safe City Strategy and Action Plan.

June 2021


Analysis of the 2020 survey results and development of a key findings report for the city and divisional key findings reports for Council's 12 divisions have been completed and distributed to the Mayor and relevant Councillors. 

The city-wide key findings report has been made publicly available to the community on Council's website.

Results from the 2020 Safe City Logan community survey and crime profiles will assist the Community Safety Program in the planning of targeted community safety initiatives for the year ahead.

QL2.4.4 - Deliver expo-style 'building social capital' community hubs that bring together social support networks.

Purpose: Create opportunities for referral pathways for Community Corrections clients and other community members.

June 2021

On Track

The first Services on Station (formerly Building Social Capital) hub was held on 18 March at Logan Central. Over 40 clients of Probation and Parole and 10 general community members attended. 8 service providers engaged with attendees with 54 direct links made via these interactions.

Knitted donations of blankets, jumpers and toys were distributed to those in need in preparation for winter. The next event is scheduled in the April – June quarter at the same location in Logan Central.

QL2.4.5 - Install and replace CCTV safety cameras as scheduled.

Purpose: Ensure continued successful operation and expansion of the Logan Safety Camera Program network.

June 2021

On Track

The Logan Safety Camera Program capital works and replacement schedule for 2020/2021 remains on track. Highlights of the work undertaken during the last quarter includes the installation of CCTV cameras at the following locations:

  • Brandon Park, Marsden
  • Intersection of Riverbend Boulevard and Glynton Road, Riverbend
  • Intersection of Cusack Lane and Sunline Way, Riverbend
  • Roundabout of Duncan Road and Payne Road, Riverbend
  • Tudor Park, Loganholme
  • Brigade Drive and River Hills Road, Eagleby
  • Fryar Road and Herses Road, Eagleby

QL2.4.6 - Deliver a new Safe City Strategy and Action Plan. It will replace the current 2016-2020 Strategy and Action Plan.

Purpose: Provide tangible actions for the Community Safety Program that will help create a safer City of Logan.

December 2020


The draft City of Logan: Safe City Strategy and Action Plan 2021-2025 was available for community consultation for a period of three weeks, from 17 September 2020 to 11 October 2020. Once the community consultation period had closed, community feedback was analysed and appropriately incorporated into the draft Strategy and Action Plan.

The final version of this document was adopted by the City Lifestyle Committee on 10 November 2020.

QL2.4.7 - Deliver at least 48 targeted crime prevention and community safety activities. Four will be delivered per division each year. These will respond to crime and safety concerns of each local community.

Purpose: Increase community safety and positive community perceptions about crime and safety.

June 2021

On Track

During the January to March quarter, there were 2 divisional activities undertaken within the City.  These initiatives were undertaken within Divisions 1 and 10.  Planning for crime prevention and community safety initiatives in other divisions is now underway.

Division 1: A Drink Rite Event was held in collaboration with Springwood Lions, Logan City Council, Queensland Police Service and Queensland Health.  At this event, 6 participants consumed various alcoholic beverages and were breathalysed at 20 min intervals in order to demonstrate the difference in intoxication levels between different people. Planning is currently underway to hold a Crime Time (Seniors) Trivia event at one of the retirement/aged care facilities in Division 1 within the next quarter. The aim of this event is to engage with residents and to provide personal safety information in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Division 2: Mayes Place Project – In partnership with QPS, Department of Housing and Crime Stoppers design stickers with direct crime prevention information to be placed on wheelie bins which are in highly visible locations at the front of the unit complexes.  Stickers have been ordered.  This initiative will be delivered next quarter. CALD Communities domestic and family violence resources – The Community Safety Program have developed educational resources specifically designed for CALD communities.  This have been developed in partnership with the QPS, Access Community Services, Multilink, the Islamic Women's Association of Australia (IWAA), members of the Not Now, Not Ever in Logan Reference Group, as well as Council's Community Development Program and Council's Marketing Program. Presentations will commence during Domestic and Family Violence month in May.

Division 3: Youth and Family event – In response to concerns regarding youth disengagement, the Community Safety program is planning to hold a youth and family event in partnership with the QPS and Community Development program. One of the key aims of this initiative is to activate a public space currently experiencing antisocial behaviour. This space will be chosen in consultation with key stakeholders. This event will; include prosocial activities, educational materials, interactive displays as well as the provision of entertainment. Planning for this event has commenced and it is anticipated that it will roll out in the July – September quarter.

Division 4: MATE Cultural Change Workshop – As a result of community concern and high incidence of domestic and family violence within the community of Yarrabilba, the MATE Cultural Change Workshop is scheduled to be delivered on April 27 at the Family and Community Place.  This initiative is in partnership with the Yarrabilba Stakeholder Collaborative Network and Griffith University. The training is aimed at creating safer communities through education and training on the role of the bystander and the bystander framework. This training provides participants with a suite of tools they can apply to any situation (racism, discrimination, sexual harassment, violence) to address the behaviour respectfully and safely. This training is unique in that it is not aimed at the victim or the perpetrator but rather at all individuals who may witness bad behaviour.

Division 5: Other theft continues to be the highest reported offence within division 5. This offence category includes shop stealing. In response to this, the Community Safety Program will engage with businesses in order to deliver crime prevention packs to help reduce their risk of becoming a victim of crime.  These packs include loss prevention tips, fact sheets, and information on incident reporting and height markers. The packs will be proactively distributed to smaller and more isolated shopping precincts that may be vulnerable to this offence.  Additionally, 'steal from motor vehicle' offences make up a large proportion of theft offences in division 5.

QL2.4.8 - Deliver expo-style 'Youth Street Hubz' focused on young people. These will bring together social support networks for young people across the Logan community.

Purpose: Create opportunities for referral pathways for Youth Justice clients and other local young people.

June 2021

On Track

The first Youth Street Hubz for 2021 were held at Crestmead Park on Thursday, 28 February.

Approximately 50 young people and their parents attended the event at which they engaged with service providers in activities such as stress ball and badge making, ball games, arts and crafts, music and dance. Although attendance rates were lower than expected, rain was forecast and the original date was changed (due to inclement weather) which impacted on numbers. 70% of young people and 28% of adults who attended were referred to local services, with both results exceeding targets.

The next event is scheduled to occur for Queensland Youth Week in the April – June quarter.