Roads, footpaths and drainage policies

Policy Policy objective
Changing of names of roads (PDF 121 KB) Guidelines for changing road names.
Development frontage works (PDF 118 KB) This policy gives us a way to assess whether to go ahead with road drainage works along the front of properties which may have future development potential.
Direction and guide signs (PDF 130 KB) To process requests for signs to be installed to indicate the location of services, facilities and tourist attractions.
Erection of Neighbourhood Watch signs (PDF 122 KB) To process requests for neighbourhood watch signs to be installed on roads to indicate a neighbourhood watch zone.
Funding of concrete footpaths bikeways (PDF 116 KB) This policy makes sure concrete footpaths or bikeways are built at the same time as the road
Landscape works on footpaths (PDF 145 KB) To give residents the chance to create and maintain landscaped areas on the footpath at the front of their property
Nature strip mowing (PDF 148 KB) To maintain public safety of footpaths and nature strips.
Permit for extraordinary traffic (PDF 119 KB) To ensure that house removals in the Logan City area are transported with minimal inconvenience to the local area
Process for the release of access restriction strips (PDF 143 KB) Framework for the process for the release of access restriction strips covered by this policy.
Property information advice - premises affected by temporary inundation of land by flood or overland flow (PDF 126 KB) Procedures and criteria to determine if a premises is affected by flood.
Road excavation works (excluding vehicular access) (PDF 133 KB) To make sure road excavation works (excluding vehicular access), are undertaken in a manner that is cognisant of our infrastructure, safety and access to services
Sealing of crossovers (PDF 123 KB) To minimise the damage caused to roads by erosion of unsealed crossovers (driveways)
Shading of street lights (PDF 122 KB) To provide a process by which the effects of glare from street lights can be managed to help residents
Stormwater drainage outlets (PDF 115 KB) To reduce the problem of entrapment of children in stormwater systems
Street and infrastructure naming (PDF 125 KB) To provide consistent guidelines for developers, the community and us when allocating new street, road and infrastructure names.
Temporary road closures for street parties or similar functions (PDF 125 KB) To provide guidelines for the temporary closure of roads for street parties and other  functions