Safe City strategy and action plan

Logan City Council is committed to creating a safer City of Logan.

Our Community Safety Program have been working on an exciting new strategy. The strategy will adopt a holistic approach to creating a safer City of Logan.

We developed the strategy to help achieve our vision to create a safety City. It will guide the development of our community safety initiatives over the next 5 years. The strategy also shows how we aim to reduce crime, increase feelings of safety and enhance residents’ quality of life.

The plan addresses community safety issues across the whole City. We are mindful that different issues affect different areas of the city. The Strategy and Action Plan makes it clear that issues will be dealt with as needed across the city.

How will we implement the Safe City Strategy and Action Plan?

We identified 4 key areas of interest and developed a range of actions that use various crime prevention strategies. The 4 key areas of interest are:

  • Research and planning
  • Community empowerment
  • Places and spaces
  • Partnerships.

The key areas of interest and action items were identified through stakeholder feedback, analysis of QPS crime statistics and results from the Safe City Logan community surveys.

How will we deliver this?

We acknowledge that we cannot deliver the outcomes on our own. We will continue to strengthen partnerships and seek to build new collaborations with key government agencies and other community stakeholders. We already have strong working relationships with many community stakeholders. We will continue to work with them toward a shared vision of creating a safer City of Logan.

How will we measure our success?

To assess the success each action item has an individual measure to allow us to rate it's success.

To check the performance and progress of the outcomes, the Community Safety Program team will report on these measures to Council yearly.

Find out more

To read more, you can download the City of Logan Safe City Strategy and Action Plan 2021 - 2025 (PDF 858 KB)

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