Community safety and crime prevention information

We offer a range of information to our community to help make Logan an even safer place.

A quick guide to community safety

We’ve produced a booklet – A quick guide to community safety in the City of Logan – which offers information about community safety and crime prevention.

All information in the booklet was correct as at the time of publication, but please be aware that some services may change from time to time.

You can read the booklet online or download a copy to print.

 A quick guide to community safety in the City of Logan (PDF 101 KB)

Crime prevention fact sheets

We’ve produced a series of fact sheets about crime prevention, which are available for you to download.

If you would like one of the fact sheets in another language, please call us on 07 3412 3412 or email us at

Personal safety

Mobile device safety – Phone Down #EyesUp

Car safety

Business crime prevention

Construction site crime prevention

Logan Safety Camera Program

Safe night out

Safe night in

Safety around the home

School safety

Local Support Services For Young People