Water restrictions

Dam with low water. Dry, cracked banks and dying tree stump.

Water restrictions are not currently in place in Logan.

We will consider the introduction of water restrictions when the combined level of the drinking water in dams reaches 50% capacity. Residents will then be asked to target 140 litres per person per day.

You can use the drinking water supply to water your garden on any day and at any time, but you should bear in mind:

  • you pay for all the water you use, and
  • as dam levels are declining, we all need to be mindful of our water use.

For more tips on saving water, please see Water saving tips at home.

Seqwater dam levels update

Following a warm, dry winter, the combined level of our Water Grid dams is decreasing.

As of 16 September 2020, the combined Water Grid dam level is now below 60%, and we have moved to the ‘drought response’ phase of the region’s Drought Response Plan.

The Desalination Plant is now operating at 100% capacity to top up our drinking water supply.

The following videos from Seqwater provide a reminder of some simple things that we can all do to save water

Please visit the Seqwater website for the latest information on dam levels.