Water and sewerage policies

Policy Policy objective
Clearing of blockage of sewerage mains (PDF 116 KB) To give reimbursement to property owners for costs incurred when identifying sewerage blockages that are our responsibility.
Clearing of blocked house drains within private properties (PDF 161 KB) Guidelines for clearing blocked house drains within private property.
Community Title Scheme billing and sub-metering (PDF 146 KB) Billing and sub-metering arrangements for multi-unit complexes.
Concealed leak remission (PDF 163 KB) Criteria for concealed leak applications.
Drinking water quality policy statement (PDF 1000KB)

To provide a safe, high quality drinking water supply service that safeguards public health and supports our growing community.

Exemptions to water restrictions for residential premises (PDF 151 KB) Guidelines in granting an exemption from water restrictions for residential properties.
Extension of water and wastewater networks (PDF 119 KB) This policy relates to requests for water or sewerage connection through an extension to the existing network.
Home dialysis and medical treatment water concessions (PDF 127 KB) Guidelines for concessions that provide relief from water consumption charges for customer who need renal dialysis or use a large amount of water as a result on medical treatment.
Notice to connect to sewerage system or install an on-site sewerage facility (PDF 120 KB) To make sure all properties are connected to the sewerage system, and to make sure properties outside the sewered area install on-site sewerage facilities.
Potable water for dust suppression (PDF 126 KB) Arrangements and conditions for the supply of potable water via a metered hydrant stand pipe for the purposes of dust suppression.
Wastewater inundation - the Council's response (PDF 137 KB) To make sure impact to customers is minimised and we are efficient and fair in response to sewage inundation incidents in premises.
Water mains break - the Council's response (PDF 154 KB) To establish procedures for attending to a water mains breakage.
Water and wastewater connection outside city boundary (PDF 116 KB) To provide water supply and sewerage services to properties outside of Logan City’s boundaries.
Water sub-metering for multi-unit properties (PDF 153 KB) To define the requirements for the sub-metering of units within new and existing multi-unit properties.