Are other approvals needed for a mobile food business licence??


Before submitting your application, you should make sure that the site has the correct land use for the proposed business and if any Development Approval is needed.

For planning and development information refer to Planning and development.

Contact our Development Approvals team for more information.

Advertising signs licence

We have rules about the type and location of any advertising signs for businesses. Depending on the type of advertising sign, you may need a licence.

Find out more about advertising signs.

Roadside vending permit

Anyone selling or supplying goods from a public place, road, roadside or reserve needs a permit from us. This includes selling or supplying from a food van or food truck.

Find out more about Roadside food vending.

Are State Government approvals needed?

Business trading name

If you are registering a new business name, you will need to contact Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

State controlled roads

If you would like to operate on a State-controlled road, you will need written approval from the Department of Transport and Main Roads. Please visit the Department of Transport and Main Roads website for more information.