Roadside food vending

Anyone selling or supplying goods from a public place, road, roadside or reserve needs a permit from us. This includes selling or supplying from a stall, booth, stand, table, food van or food truck.

Mobile food vendors who want to operate on the roadside need a roadside vending permit and a food vehicle licence. For more information or to apply for a Food licence, please see Food business.

Roadside vending can include:

  • mobile roadside vending (travelling from place to place and stopping when signalled by a customer), or
  • stationary roadside vending (parking/setting-up in the one place for a period of time).

We want to make sure roadside selling is done from a location that is safe for patrons, pedestrians and road users.

Some examples of food businesses that need a roadside vending permit include:

  • roadside seafood, fruit or vegetable seller
  • pie or smoko van
  • mobile ice cream van
  • food trucks.

If you want to sell items other than food, please see Roadside vending operation.