Facility activities and outcomes

The Buzz at Yarrabilba will be a welcoming and comfortable place for everyone to visit. Activities will focus on:

  • supporting connection
  • learning
  • employment
  • innovation.

The facility will work alongside the primary and secondary schools and existing community hubs and spaces already in Yarrabilba to provide more services and supports for the fast-growing Yarrabilba community.

Facility activities

The positive outcomes the facility is aiming to achieve is represented in the Theory of Change diagram (PDF 303 KB).

This Theory of Change:

  • is helping guide the design and the future operation of the facility
  • outlines the change or impact the facility will have to the Yarrabilba community
  • describes how the facility will contribute to a community that is connecting, learning, earning and innovating
  • is divided into activities which will be run at the facility and
  • the user experience.

Together these will result in improved social, education and work outcomes for community members.


A range of community services will provide guidance and support for the community. There will also be various community events, including:

  • education
  • employment and skills programs
  • courses
  • activities for young people and adults to participate in.

User experience

Community members will experience a welcoming and inclusive space with opportunities to connect with other people and take part in programs that meet their needs and interests.


Over the medium term we will measure the supports and activities the facility provides to the community. This will allow us to see how it is working towards the overall goal of building a connected community with the support, skills and confidence to thrive.

Facility outcomes

The facility will work towards community outcomes developed by the Institute for Social Science Research at the University of Queensland. You can find more about these outcomes in the Outcomes Framework (PDF 234 KB).

The location of the facility between two new secondary schools is ideal to offer students, their families and the broader community activities supporting learning, earning, innovating and connecting outcomes.

These outcomes include that the facility will:

  • help people feel they are a part of the community
  • encourage lifelong learning
  • enable the community to be work ready with opportunities to engage in meaningful work
  • support new ideas and solutions.