Buying a non-residential property

Before you buy a property you should research building approval requirements and what kind of development is allowed.

It's important to do this before you buy a property because:

  • getting approval or doing work to bring a building up to standard can be costly
  • the need for building work may affect your home and contents insurance policy or payout
  • approval requirements may affect the value or resale potential of the property
  • outstanding infrastructure charges may be attached to the property.

We can supply detailed information about the property so you can protect yourself.

What to look for when buying a property

Logan PD hub

Logan PD hub is a free online tool which gives you:

  • a property report with details of zoning and overlays and other useful information relating to the Logan Planning Scheme
  • flood level report
  • as-constructed plans
  • planning enquiry facilities – find out what activities can be carried out or what type of business you can run on the property.

For more information, see the Logan PD hub.

Property search

We recommend you request a property search before making a final decision. Property searches can give you the following information:

  • zoning and overlays
  • outstanding rates
  • land valuation
  • water use
  • any amounts outstanding for trade waste.

Building and plumbing searches

We can provide building and plumbing information about a property. This can include:

  • whether all buildings or structures on the property have the relevant approvals
  • whether a building has had a final inspection
  • whether any swimming pool or spa has a pool safety certificate or building approval final inspection certificate
  • whether a building has a certificate of classification
  • copies of approved building plans.

All approved building plans lodged with us from July 2018 are freely available through the Development Enquiry Tool. For more information or to ask questions about online building plans, please email us at or contact our team.

Planning and development searches

We can provide planning and development information about a property. This can include:

  • limited, standard or full planning and development certificates
  • copy of building envelope
  • overlay advice certificate.

Licences and environmentally relevant activity searches

We can provide licence and environmentally relevant activity information about a property for prescribed activities, food businesses, environmentally relevant activities and high-risk personal appearance services. This can include:

  • licence database reports
  • licence inspection reports.

Applying for a search

To apply for a search read our applying for a property search information.

More information

This information is general advice only. We recommend you seek independent legal advice when you buy a property.

For more information visit the websites below: