Infrastructure planning and charges

Infrastructure Charges (Logan Charges Resolution)

Infrastructure charges for developments in Logan are calculated according to the Logan Charges Resolution. We use the version of the Resolution which applies at the date the development application is decided (or enters the decision stage), or the building work approval documents are lodged with Council.

You can download our current Logan charges resolution and find more information about historic charges resolutions and their dates of effect in our Register of infrastructure charges resolutions and Summary of changes - Logan charges resolution.

The current version commenced on 6 March 2023 (Logan Charges Resolution (No.11) 2023). To learn more about the current resolution, please see our Notice of changes fact sheet.

The Logan Charges Resolution is made in line with the Planning Act 2016 which sets out requirements such as the maximum infrastructure charges for different types of residential and non-residential development. The charges resolution clarifies our policy relating to matters like:

  • the criteria applied to decide whether development infrastructure is classed as trunk infrastructure (in trunk infrastructure conversion applications)
  • the method applied for working out the establishment cost of trunk infrastructure for a refund or offset where an applicant needs to provide land or works for trunk infrastructure
  • whether an offset or refund applies and, if so, the details and timing of the offset and refund.

What do infrastructure charges apply to?

Infrastructure charges apply to development that creates extra demand on trunk infrastructure networks. This may include a subdivision, material change of use of existing premises or building work. An infrastructure charges notice (ICN) is usually issued with a development permit to the applicant and the property owner. The infrastructure charges are attached to the premises.  

Estimate of infrastructure charges

To get an estimate of the infrastructure charges that may apply to a proposed development on a property in Logan you can:

Payment of infrastructure charges

The charges must be paid when Council issues an invoice. This happens when the trigger for payment defined in the Planning Act 2016 is reached, which will be stated on the Infrastructure Charges Notice and may be:

  • before approval of the survey plan for a subdivision; or
  • when the final inspection certificate for the building work, or the certificate of occupancy for the building, is given; or
  • when the final Compliance Certificate under the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2018 is issued or the certificate of occupancy for the building is issued or the change of use happens, for a material change of use; or
  • the day stated in the infrastructure charges notice.