Neighbours of Logan

Picture of neighbour waving

Do you want to live in a neighbourhood where kids play together, people put your bins out if you’re away and people check in with you if they see something suspicious? Do you want to live in a neighbourhood with a sense of community?

Living in a neighbourhood that has a sense of community is linked to many benefits for residents including:

  • a feeling of belonging
  • reduced loneliness
  • improved physical and mental health
  • lower crime rates.

With benefits like these, it makes sense for us to all strengthen our neighbourhood ties.

Neighbour Day 2020

With COVID-19 impacting lives worldwide, social distancing and self-isolation will be a challenge for many people.

At times like this, we need to support one another and show compassion to those who need it. A good place to start is in your local street and neighbourhood.

Here you can find resources, ideas and information to assist you to create connections and support your neighbours before, during and after COVID-19.

Together we can build a more connected and inclusive community. Ideas about how to do this that's not face-to-face include:

  • connect through your local social network (or create one if there isn't one)
  • start an over-the-phone movie or book club
  • host virtual happy hours with friends and family
  • Bust out some pen and paper and write some old-school letters to people
  • offer supermarket runs or meal delivery to neighbours who might be self-isolating
  • give gift certificates for local businesses
  • donate to food banks
  • meet virtually / online with your neighbours for a cuppa and a chat

Download our COVID-19 connection card (PDF 182 KB) to pop into your neighbour’s mailbox. Include your phone number and how you can help (i.e. shopping, running errands or a friendly chat).

Call us on 07 3412 3412 or email us at to request printed copies to be sent out to you for free.

Free resources for the community

Download our free Say Hello! connection card (PDF 247 KB)

Download these tips for building community in your neighbourhood (PDF 272 KB).

For more ways you can create local connections, please visit the Neighbour Day website or their Facebook page for other acts of kindness you can practice in your neighbourhood.