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RiskSmart – Planning

RiskSmart is a quick and easy way for development applications to be approved. Simple, low-risk applications can be assessed by accredited RiskSmart consultants.

The accredited consultant assesses the application against the Logan Planning Scheme and the RiskSmart criteria. They then prepare the approval paperwork and supporting documentation. Our officers review the documentation and we issue the decision notice (usually within 5 business days).

RiskSmart applications are eligible for a discount on application fees.

Eligibility and checksheets for RiskSmart – Planning

Under the Logan Planning Scheme 2015, code assessable development (material change of use and reconfiguring a lot) is eligible for the RiskSmart assessment if it meets all acceptable outcomes and the RiskSmart criteria.

If the proposed development does not meet an acceptable outcome it must be assessed against the performance outcome. Before lodging the development application an accredited RiskSmart consultant may ask us for advice about compliance with the performance outcome.

The RiskSmart checksheets below must be used to work out if a development meets the RiskSmart criteria. If the development does not meet the criteria it cannot be assessed using the RiskSmart process.

Lodge a RiskSmart – Planning application

RiskSmart applications must meet the RiskSmart criteria and be well made, see RiskSmart Planning Checksheet.

  • Lodge the DA RiskSmart application online or email it to, with all documentation attached - see below.
  • The RiskSmart team will issue an Action Notice, including the notice of account with the RiskSmart discount applied.
  • When the properly made requirements are met and fees are paid, the application will become properly made and the assessment process will start.
  • We may issue an information request. When the Information Request response is received we will issue the approval in 5 business days.

With the RiskSmart – Planning application you need to submit:

You can lodge a RiskSmart pre-application online (you will need to be a registered user).

To access previously lodged applications and upload more information if we ask for it, please use the My applications function.

Accredited consultants for RiskSmart – Planning

For a list of consultants accredited to prepare and lodge RiskSmart – Planning applications, please download:

Become an accredited RiskSmart – Planning consultant

To become an accredited RiskSmart consultant both the consultant and consultancy making the application must demonstrate their competency. This is done by giving us previous examples of work undertaken with us.

We will review the application and chose to accredit (or deny) the consultant and consultancy. The individual and the consultancy are accredited under the one agreement. When the individual leaves that consultancy the accreditation becomes null and void.

There are five development types that a RiskSmart consultant may be accredited for:

  • residential – house
  • residential – other (includes mixed-use developments incorporating residential components)
  • industry
  • reconfiguring a lot (within any zone)
  • commercial / retail / other (also includes mixed use developments incorporating residential component and other uses not listed here).

If successful, the consultant and consultancy must sign the RiskSmart – Planning accreditation agreement (PDF 2 MB).

For more information about RiskSmart Planning, please contact our team.

RiskSmart – Operational works

RiskSmart – Operational works allows us to quickly assess and decide on simple, low-risk operational works applications (usually within five business days).

RiskSmart applications must be prepared by one of our accredited RiskSmart consultants and are eligible for a discount on our application fees.

Eligibility and checksheet for RiskSmart – Operational works

There are two types of operational works that can be lodged:

  • operational works associated with a Material Change of Use - applications including stormwater treatment devices
  • standalone operational works like earthworks

To find out if operational works are eligible for RiskSmart, please check the RiskSmart – Operational works application submission checksheet (PDF 819 KB). The checksheet outlines eligibility criteria for assessable roadworks, drainage, water supply, sewerage, stormwater treatment and earthworks.

We maintain the right to refuse an application through the RiskSmart process. Some instances where an operational works application may not be accepted through RiskSmart could include, but are not limited to:

  • extensive portion of Flood Hazard Overlay over the site
  • high numbers of submissions during assessment stage
  • significant number of reports required by the Development Permit - a highly sensitive area about flora and fauna
  • development approvals sought by a court order
  • Council officers and the applicant cannot agree on a position
  • multiple attempts for agreement during the prelodgement phase
  • External Referral Agencies

Lodge a RiskSmart – Operational works application

RiskSmart – Operational works applications must follow a pre-lodgement process to make sure we receive a properly made application for a speedy assessment.

  • Lodge the RiskSmart – Operational works pre-application online (you will need to be a registered user) with all documentation attached. There is no payment at this stage.
  • We check the documentation and work with you to make sure everything is lodgement-ready. When the application is lodgement-ready, we will send you an invitation to lodge. This will include a notice of account and edited conditions.
  • You can pay the fees using the payment options on the notice of account and email to lodge the completed application for RiskSmart – Operational works assessment.

With the RiskSmart ­– Operational works pre-application you need to submit:

To access previously lodged applications and / or upload more information if we ask for it, please use My applications function.

Accredited consultants for RiskSmart – Operational works

For a list of consultants accredited to prepare and lodge RiskSmart – Operational works applications, please download:

To become an accredited consultant for operational works, please download RiskSmart – Operational works accreditation model and application kit (PDF 819 KB).

For more information about RiskSmart – Operational works, please contact our team.


ExpressSeal allows you to fast-track plan sealing requests through accredited consultants. Our accredited ExpressSeal consultants engage with relevant professionals to certify that the conditions of approval are met before lodging a plan sealing request.

The ExpressSeal consultant then submits an ExpressSeal request to us and gives certification of compliance. If the request meets the requirements we will endorse survey plans within 48 hours.

There are two categories for ExpressSeal:

  • minor developments
    • building format plans for both new and existing buildings
    • standard format plans for boundary realignments and reconfiguration of up to 10 new lots
  • major developments
    • standard format plans associated with large or major projects.

Lodge an ExpressSeal request

All ExpressSeal requests must first be lodged as a Preliminary Request. Please download and fill in the Preliminary Plan Sealing Request form (PDF 182 KB) and email it to The form lists the documents you need to include. We will respond to this request and send you a compliance report. 

Use the compliance report to lodge your Formal ExpressSeal request. Please download and fill in the ExpressSeal formal request form (PDF 819 KB) and see plan sealing for relevant forms, documents and fee information.

Accredited consultants for ExpressSeal

For a list of consultants accredited to prepare and lodge RiskSmart – Planning applications, please download:

For information about becoming an accredited consultant for ExpressSeal, please download ExpressSeal – Plan sealing accreditation kit (PDF 819 KB).

For more information about ExpressSeal, please contact our team.