Water and sewerage development

Priority development areas - EDQ

The Greater Flagstone and Yarrabilba areas are Priority development areas (PDAs). Development in these areas is managed by Economic Development Queensland (EDQ).

Information and resources

You can find out about PDAs on the State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning website:

Available resources include:

  • maps
  • development schemes
  • interim land use plans
  • Frequenlty asked questions (FAQs)
  • background reports.

Our role

At Logan Water we work with EDQ and land developers. We help identify the water and sewerage infrastructure works needed to service new developments in these PDAs.

Infrastructure delivery

The infrastructure delivery process is as follows:

  1. Land developers deliver water and sewerage infrastructure works.
  2. EDQ and Logan Water accept the infrastructure works under a certification scheme.
  3. Once accepted, developers hand over the infrastructure to Council.

Processes and responsibilities

Our process flow charts explain:

  • how we deliver water and sewerage infrastructure works within a PDA
  • the responsibilities of the applicant, Council and EDQ at different stages in the process.
Process flow charts
  1. Planning advice and approval process (PDF 774 KB)
  2. Design advice and changes process (PDF 582 KB)
  3. On-site inspection process (PDF 501 KB)
  4. Pre-start meeting process (PDF 599 KB)
  5. Supply as-constructed drawings and on-maintenance inspection process (PDF 639 KB)
  6. Connection and asset recording process (PDF 689 KB)
  7. Construction issues and concerns process (design ambiguity and non-compliance) (PDF 537 KB)
  8. General enquiry process (PDF 624 KB)
  9. Off-maintenance process (605 KB)