Water and sewerage development

Planning report request

Logan Water has completed Water and Sewerage Master Planning for the entire area of Logan. However, there are areas within Logan where the catchment and/or detailed planning has not been undertaken.

Developers lodging a development application in these areas may be requested to provide a planning report to identify infrastructure works needed to service the proposed development.

If catchment planning is needed, developers are encouraged to contact our team to discuss the possibility of engaging Logan Water to undertake this planning report.

Catchment planning will generally determine the alignment/location, size/specifications and/or the easements/land needs for future trunk water and sewerage infrastructure works required to service an area much greater than an individual development.

The costs of undertaking this planning report may be eligible for Infrastructure Charges Offsets.

Where Logan Water supports such an arrangement, the developer needs to complete the Request for scoping application form.

Logan Water will prepare a scope of works for the planning report.

The cost of preparing the scope of works is $5000.

The scope of works will generally be completed within 15 business days from the date of payment.

The developer will be required to enter into an Infrastructure Agreement with Council for Infrastructure Charges Offsets to be recognised for the payment made to the Council for preparing the scope of works and completing the planning report.

You can contact our team for more information.