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Our Organisation

Logan is one of the largest and fastest growing cities in Australia. Logan City Council, a progressive leader in local government, provides community services and facilities to its residents. Logan's vision is Innovative, Dynamic, City of the Future.

Logan is ideally situated between Brisbane, Ipswich, Redlands and the Gold Coast and offers a range of lifestyles to its residents.

Floral emblem

The floral emblem for Logan City Council which is represented on our logo is a Banksia integrifolia - Coast Banksia, or commonly known as the Honeysuckle Oak. The tree can grow up to 12 metres in cultivation and flowers regularly through out the year. The flower is orange-yellow and is suitable for flower arrangements and popular by nectar feeding birds.

The leaves are dark green on top with a silver appearance underneath. As the name suggests, the Coast Banksia is salt resistant and has an extensive natural distribution in coastal sandy and inland areas of New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. This is a hardy, fast-growing Banksia suitable for a variety of soils including clay. Banksia integrifolia is frost resistant and prefers full sun.