Food safety training

Completing food safety training helps improve food safety practices in the workplace.

All people undertaking food handling operations within a food business must have appropriate skills and knowledge in food safety matters.

Food safety training services and resources are available from various sources (in house, external providers, training organisations, etc.) and in a variety of formats (online, classroom based, booklets, fact sheets, etc.).

The following food safety training tools and resources (non-accredited) are available for free:

I'M ALERT food safety training

I'M ALERT is an easy-to-follow, training course for people who handle food at work. It’s designed to help food handlers lower food safety risks. The course is entertaining, with interactive quizzes.

You can finish the full course in one session, or you can choose to do a few sections. You can go back later to finish the training, but your previous settings won't be saved.

When you complete the course, you can print a certificate. If you complete just a few sections, you can print a certificate for those sections.

Please visit EHA I'M ALERT to start your training.

For more information about I’M ALERT training, please download I'M ALERT frequently asked questions (PDF 720 KB), call us on 07 3412 3412 or email us at

Translated food safety videos

To support our diverse food business owners, we have developed a range of translated food safety videos in Korean, simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese.