Green Road upgrade

We are designing a project to widen and upgrade Green Road between Mount Lindesay Highway and Rai Drive.

Why is the upgrade needed?

Logan is one of the fastest growing cities in Australia, with the population set to almost double by 2041. 

This population increase will lead to more traffic using our roads and we need to ensure they are fit for the future.

The Green Road upgrade is being designed to help to improve road safety, traffic flow and network travel times as the number of vehicles increase.

Project features

The design includes:

  • intersection upgrades with dedicated turning lanes and traffic signals at key locations
  • uniform parking lanes on both sides of the road  
  • improved cycling and walking facilities 
  • new linemarking, drainage and other associated road works. 

Project overview

To view the preliminary designs for the project, please download the project maps: 

Project timings

The project is currently in the process of finalising the preliminary design. 

We contacted property owners in late 2020 to discuss the property impacts as a result of the road upgrade. 

The next phase of the project is to start the process to acquire the land and our Property team will be in touch with affected property owners in the near future. 

The project is currently funded to preliminary design and property acquisition. At this stage we do not have a timeline for detailed design work and construction. 

We will keep the community updated as we progress through the design process.

Contact us

If you would like more information about the projects, please:

  • call our Community Engagement team on 07 3412 4551
  • email us at or
  • write to us, please address your letter to Road Infrastructure Delivery, Logan City Council, PO Box 3226, Logan City DC, QLD, 4114.