About Logan Plan 2025

Over the next 15 years Logan will be one of the fastest growing areas in South East Queensland.  By the year 2036, our current population of just over 340,000 is predicted to exceed 500,000. 

The Planning Scheme is Council’s ‘tool’ for managing this growth. It helps ensure Logan remains a highly desirable place to live and work, by:

  • guiding what can be built where, supporting jobs and providing housing choice 
  • planning the delivery of infrastructure (like roads, parks, water and community facilities) 
  • protecting what we value in our city, like our environment, safety and heritage.  

All councils are required to review their planning schemes within 10 years and decide whether to amend or replace them. Since Logan’s current planning scheme started in May 2015, there have been many changes affecting our city including:   

  • significant population and employment growth
  • changes in state policies that our planning scheme needs to align with
  • COVID-19 and we way we live and do business.

We now have an opportunity to prepare a new planning scheme to guide the way our city grows. Logan Plan 2025 will keep what’s working well from our current planning scheme and improve the parts that could be working better. It will focus on: 

  • managing growth in both the established and newer areas of our city
  • the design of our buildings, streets and landscapes, taking into account factors like sustainability and safety
  • providing diverse employment opportunities 
  • improving how we manage and respond to natural hazards like flooding 
  • protecting and enhancing our environmental values, like our green spaces, waterways and wildlife for future generations. 

Making a new planning scheme for Logan is a team effort that will take several years.  As work progresses, we will share information and ask for your input. If you’d like to go on our mailing list for updates, you can subscribe to our mailing list.


Timeframe What to expect


  • Review of current planning scheme
  • Review of industry and best practice
  • Undertake specialist studies
  • Draft policy options


  • Initial community consultation (informal)
  • Refine policy based on community feedback
  • Start drafting new planning scheme 


  • Complete initial drafting of new scheme
  • Undertake internal and legal reviews
  • Start first State interest check


  • Complete first State interest check
  • Formal community consultation
  • Refine scheme based on feedback


  • Second State interest check
  • Formal approval to adopt Logan Plan 2025
  • Prepare for and commence new planning scheme

Get Involved

Council is committed to making sure the community plays a meaningful role in the preparation of Logan Plan 2025.  

We will be providing a variety of opportunities for people to contribute to shaping our city and our future. 

Please take our short survey about living in Logan and managing our future growth.

To learn more about Logan Plan 2025 and engagement events and opportunities, please visit our Online Community Portal.

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