Understanding your flood risk can help you prepare for flooding at your home or business.

There are steps you can take to minimise the impact of floods.

Before a flood:

During a flood:

  • visit our Disaster Dashboard for the latest information on weather warnings, road closures, flood watch cameras, power outages and open evacuation centres
  • secure objects that could float away and cause damage
  • check social media, listen to your radio or watch television for the latest information and warnings.

If you have to leave your home during a major flood:

  • turn off the electricity, gas and water at the mains
  • take your emergency kit
  • take your pets with you
  • consider staying with friends or family in safer areas – wherever you go, let others know.

Further information can be found on the Get Ready Queensland website. 

Remember, once you enter floodwaters, you are giving up control of your vehicle. If it's flooded, forget it!

After a flood:

  • visit our Disaster Dashboard for updates on roads re-opening, power outages and weather warnings
  • be careful when returning to your home after a flood. Do not enter floodwaters
  • floodwater can be full of bacteria, so wear shoes at all times and do not allow children to play in or around flood waters
  • record details of flood damage by taking photos or video for insurance purposes
  • don't use gas or electrical appliances that have been flood-affected until checked by a service provider
  • do not eat food that has been in contact with floodwater
  • boil all tap water until the water supply is safe.

Flood-watch cameras

We have installed a number of flood-watch cameras around Logan.

You can check the cameras to find out creek levels across the city. They will help you prepare and plan for flooding and find different routes when there are road closures.

You can view the cameras 24-hours a day. During the night, the quality of the image may change due to lighting. The cameras are in the following locations:

  • Schmidt's Creek, Schmidt's Road, Logan Reserve
  • Henderson Creek, Cusack Lane, Jimboomba
  • Oxley Creek, Goodna Road, Greenbank
  • Scrubby Creek, Kurrajong Drive, Marsden
  • Scrubby Creek, Third Avenue, Marsden (facing north)
  • Scrubby Creek, Third Avenue, Marsden (facing south)

Visit our Disaster Dashboard for camera feeds. 

The flood-watch cameras are part of the Telemetry Enhancement Project which is a joint initiative of Logan City Council and the Queensland Government.

Disclaimer: We make every effort to ensure the camera images are as accurate as possible. There is no validation of this information. It is the responsibility of the user to make their own decision about the currency, accuracy and completeness of the information and images. We accept no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage incurred as a result of this information or its use in any way.