Parking on narrow roads

A road is considered 'narrow' when the roadway (the part of the road that vehicles drive on and includes both sides of the road) measures less than 6 metres wide.

A width of 6 metres allows for a vehicle to park on the road and for another vehicle to safely pass.

It is not always possible to parallel park on the side of a narrow road and allow space for other vehicles to safely pass.

When parking your vehicle on a road you must:

  • park at least 3 metres away from any continuous dividing line, dividing strip or median strip
  • ensure there is at least 3 metres of clear roadway beside your parked vehicle to allow other vehicles to pass
  • leave enough space for emergency and service vehicles (e.g. ambulance, garbage truck, utilities) to safely pass.

Nature strip parking – roads less than 6 metres wide

When there is no other safe option, you can park your vehicle partially or fully on a nature strip if:

  • the road is narrow - less than 6 metres wide
  • you don’t block a footpath
  • you can leave a gap of at least 1.2 metres to allow pedestrian or mobility access
  • you don’t block access to a mailbox
  • you don’t park over or obstruct utility covers or fire hydrants
  • vehicles must be parallel parked when parked on a nature strip (where allowed on a narrow road). Parallel parked means the vehicle must be parked facing in the same direction as the flow of traffic directly adjacent to the vehicle.

Where can I park?

Understanding where you can park can be confusing. See the diagram below to find out where you can and cannot park on a narrow road.

The diagram shows where you can park your vehicle partially or fully on a nature strip if there are no other safe options. Refer to Nature strip parking for more information.

Green tick - vehicle is permitted to park, Red cross - vehicle is not permitted to park

Enforcement of road parking

Our Community Parking Officers can enforce parking laws (Queensland Road Rules) in the vicinity of:

  • median strips
  • narrow roads (and their associated footpaths)
  • nature strips.

Parking enforcement will occur if:

  • you park illegally on a road that is wide enough to legally park vehicles in a practical manner
  • you park illegally on a road that allows for at least 3 metres clear roadway beside your vehicle when parked against the kerb
  • you have parked in a 'no stopping' zone, at an intersection or where otherwise signed that you cannot park (including parking on yellow lines).

Remember – safe parking may save a life.