PD Hub

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Logan PD Hub is a central, easy-to-use set of online tools that help with planning and development enquiries and services.

It provides useful information relating to the Logan Planning Scheme including interactive mapping of zones, overlays, local plans and other key elements.

Features and functionality

Logan PD Hub includes:

  • property reports (planning scheme zones and overlays, flooding)
  • estimators (for development fees, infrastructure charges, environmental offsets)
  • enquiry tools (planning and land use, development applications)
  • as-constructed plans (drainage, water, sewer, stormwater)
  • access to other helpful information including Queensland State Government mapping, lodging a development application online, Logan’s open data and information about the city’s economic and community profile.

You may find that the Google Chrome internet browser works best for these tools.

Overview of key features

Key features of the Logan PD Hub are listed below.

Property search

You can find a property by entering the address, or part of the address, the lot/plan or property key. You can also find a property using a map search or by clicking on the interactive map. A history of your property selections is kept so that you can easily return to them.

Property report

You can select a property and find out information about that property, like its size and which division it is in, and also which parts of the Logan Planning Scheme apply. The parts listed will include the zones and precincts, local plans and precincts, overlays (including how much of the property is affected/constrained), and any key regional infrastructure (like water mains, sewer pump stations, major roads) that is on, under or near the property.

Map browser, interactive mapping

Use the interactive map to see information from the Logan Planning Scheme and related aerial photos and base maps, like contours and road and property boundaries. Map layers can be turned on or off. Drawing, measuring and printing functions are available. 3D mapping features are also available in major centres like Springwood, Beenleigh, Logan Central and Meadowbrook.

Flood report

The Flood Report button provides direct access to the Logan Flood Portal, where you can view the latest risk mapping and maps from accepted flood studies. You can also view a flood assessment for a selected property and get a more detailed property report. You can also visit our Flood page.

Planning enquiry

Find out where in Logan a particular activity or land use can be carried out, or find out what activities or land uses are intended on a selected property. The report will tell you the criteria that trigger a development application and list applicable development codes from the Logan Planning Scheme. It will also tell you key things you need to consider like building height, lot sizes for subdivisions and setbacks.

Zone enquiry

View a map of zoning across the city and receive a report for a selected zone showing how much of Logan it covers in percent, area and a list of suburbs. Key land use and development information for that zone from the Logan Planning Scheme is also included on the report.

Development fees estimate

If a development application needs to be lodged with us you can get an estimate of the application fees, taking into account relevant discounts.

Development enquiry

Review applications in a list or on an interactive map, view application documents and see graphs about decided applications in the City of Logan. This includes town planning (development), building and plumbing applications. You can click on a property and see a list of the applications on that property. Clicking on an application will take you to the application details view where you can see the plans, approvals and other documents relating to the development. You can also search for applications based on criteria such as application type, key words, dates etc. and create views and alerts of development activity that interests you e.g. in a particular street or suburb, or a particular type of application.

Infrastructure charges estimate

Get an estimate of infrastructure charges applicable to a proposed development on a selected site. Where a development increases the load on trunk infrastructure networks like water supply, sewer, stormwater, movement, parks or land for community facilities, the developer may need to contribute towards the provision of those networks.

Environmental offset estimate

Find out any fees associated with proposed vegetation clearing on a selected site. You can draw the area to be cleared on a map of the site and then submit a request for an estimate of applicable offsets. A report with the estimated fees and other detailed information will be emailed to you.

As-constructed plans

You can see domestic and commercial as-constructed plans for a selected property. These include available house drainage, water, sewer, stormwater and roadwork plans held by us. Limited information is available for some properties previously managed by the former Beaudesert or Gold Coast councils.

Sports Site Plan

Create a plan for a sports facility on a selected site by placing items on the map. The items are designed and pre-configured to meet the requirements for relevant sports e.g. playing fields, clubrooms, parking areas, spectator facilities, etc. Guidelines are available.

Sport Site Plan Tool video transcript

Help (user guide)

Step-by-step instructions, screen shots, and other helpful information are available in the PD Hub user guide. For more information contact our team.

Terms of use

By using the Logan PD Hub you confirm that you agree to and accept the following terms and conditions.

  1. The available planning scheme maps do not replace the PDF maps that are published on our website. The PDF maps prevail to the extent of any inconsistency.
  2. The information is subject to change and should not be relied on to make decisions, particularly regarding property transactions, to value property, or to make any decisions which may have financial or legal implications.
  3. The online service is designed to help with planning and development enquiries and does not form part of the Logan Planning Scheme 2015. The information and estimates available through the tool do not represent any formal quotations, advice or support for any proposed developments. Find out more about development in Logan.
  4. While all reasonable care has been taken, we do not warrant the accuracy, completeness or currency of the information provided in the tool. And we accept no responsibility for, or in connection with, any expense, loss, damage or liability (including indirect and consequential loss) arising as a result of any inaccuracies, errors or omissions, or your reliance on or use of this information.
  5. The copyright of the information available through this website is owned by or licensed to Logan City Council. We reserve all intellectual property rights in the information and do not confer any intellectual property rights on you or any other person by making the information available.
  6. Where you give us an email address, you are providing us with permission to use that address for the purposes of communicating with you in the delivery of the service. That permission is not necessarily transferable to other interactions you may have with us.
  7. The general terms of use of our website also apply, including privacy obligations and the management of personal information.

Frequently asked questions

Will the PD Hub work on my smartphone?

You can access the PD Hub using an internet browser. It is designed to adapt to different screen sizes e.g. phones and tablets. Your device must have an operational internet connection. Google Chrome is the recommended browser.

Do I need to register or log in to use the PD Hub?

No, there is no log in or registration process needed to use the PD Hub. You may need to register to use some links accessible from the PD Hub e.g. for online lodgement of development applications.

Is there a record kept of what I'm doing when I'm using the PD Hub?

The PD Hub keeps a search history of properties on your device so you can go back to those properties. If you access the PD Hub on another device, the search history will start again. The PD Hub tracks the number of times particular tools and functions are used, but does not record the user or any other information above what is tracked by Google.

Does it cost anything to use the PD Hub?

The PD Hub is a free online service. The only costs associated are your internet access.

Why can't I find my property?

You can search for a property using the street address, lot and plan number or property key. As you start typing in the search bar, potential matches will be listed. If you need to change the text, use the ‘X’ button on the search bar to clear your text and start typing again. If you're having difficulty using the text search, you can also use the interactive map to find your property.

Information for newly created properties, e.g. in new estates, as a result of subdivision, may not be available as the maps may not have been updated for that area. If you are not able to find a property, you may be able to use a nearby property for some tools. You can also contact our team for help.

Can I download data from the PD Hub?

You cannot download data from the PD Hub but you can print and save reports and maps as a PDF file. You can access raw datasets including development applications and maps from the Logan Planning Scheme in Logan's Open data portal.

What has happened to the Logan Interactive Mapping Tool?

The Logan Interactive Mapping Tool is no longer used. It was a temporary service to support the public consultation (2014) and launch (2015) of the Logan Planning Scheme. The Logan PD Hub has replaced this service and includes a more intuitive interface, a responsive design and has interactive mapping features.

What if I'm having trouble or difficulty using the PD Hub?

Find step-by-step instructions, screen shots and other helpful information in our PD Hub user guide.

If the PD Hub is not loading or displaying correctly it may help to:

  • try a different internet browser, Chrome is recommended
  • refresh your browser's cache, for Microsoft browsers or Chrome, press hold, the Control key and F5.

Sometimes the Queensland Government aerial imagery can be slow to load. Turning the aerial imagery off may speed up the map tools.

There is a known issue with the environmental offset estimator in Microsoft browsers. You will need to use Google Chrome for this tool.

PD Hub may open other information in a new window or tab on your browser. Make sure you allow pop-ups and turn off any blockers when using the tool.

For more help contact our team. Please note that we unable to give technical advice about specific devices, operating systems and browsers.

I'm having printing issues.

The Logan PD Hub will use your browser's print settings. To have headers, footers, background colours, shading and imagery show in your print, turn on these options in your browser's print settings.

Feedback and release history

To give us feedback about the PD Hub or other areas of our planning and development services use our online feedback form.

The PD Hub replaced the Logan Interactive Mapping Tool on 18 June 2018. To view a list of the changes that have been made since then check the release history.