Place-based projects

Park Ridge

Park Ridge General Planning Layout (November 2014)

The Park Ridge General Planning Layout sets out the desired land uses and road layout for the Park Ridge area.

The general planning layout was endorsed on 18 November 2014 and is now referred to in Schedule 6, Planning Scheme Policy 5 of the Logan Planning Scheme.

Planning Scheme Amendment 2009 No. 5 (Park Ridge Structure Plan)

The Park Ridge Structure Plan took effect on 11 November 2011 and was incorporated in the Logan Planning Scheme 2006.

The plan guides development in the Park Ridge area to achieve an integrated, well-planned, well-serviced urban community and employment area defined by an extensive network of parks and waterways. The plan includes the Park Ridge Dominant Land Use Plan and the Park Ridge Amendment Area Development Sequencing Plan.

The Park Ridge Structure Plan  project has been completed and is referred to in the Strategic Framework (Part 3) of the Logan Planning Scheme. The project documentation should be considered during the development assessment process in areas designated as ‘emerging communities’.

Park Ridge South and Chambers Flat

The Park Ridge South and Chambers Flat Plan was developed to guide future development and primarily residential growth in the area.  The plan has been completed and has been incorporated into the Logan Planning Scheme (refer to Part 7 Planning Layouts in Schedule 6, Planning Scheme Policy 5 Infrastructure), which now guides decision making in this area.

For more information, please download the Park Ridge South and Chambers Flat Documentation.