Place-based projects


Jimboomba Implementation Projects (2020)

The Jimboomba Implementation Projects will deliver on the outcomes from the Jimboomba Summit. Projects are listed below:

  • Streetscape enhancement - development of a Streetscape Masterplan for Jimboomba and implementation of Stage 1 works.
  • Decorative lighting - design and implementation of decorative lighting for Cusack Lane and other key streets and places in Jimboomba.
  • Improve footpath dining - development of a strategy (guide) to increase incentives for footpath dining development.
  • Safe crossing trial - temporary installation to revitalise the unused railway corridor as an improved connection across the Mount Lindesay Highway.
  • Upgrade wayfinding signage - upgrade the directional and wayfinding signage in Jimboomba Town Centre.
  • Place activation strategy and event - develop a Place Activation and Night-time Economy Strategy.
  • Place branding strategy - develop a place branding strategy for the centre.
  • Jimboomba Town Centre Working Group - create a Jimboomba Town Centre Working Group

Projects underway

Safe crossing trial

The Jimboomba Summit identified a new pedestrian connection across Mount Lindesay Highway as a key priority for the local community. Another priority was to revitalise the unused railway corridor.

The safe crossing trial will create a temporary structure under the Mount Lindesay Highway that will connect the eastern side of Jimboomba with the Jimboomba town centre. Public lighting and CCTV is provided for community safety.

The pathway will provide a safe pedestrian crossing until the Department of Transport and Main Road’s upgrade of the Mount Lindesay Highway.

The project started in January 2021 and is due to finish in about twelve months. The project timeframe could change depending on the Department of Transport and Main Road’s upgrade of the Mount Lindesay Highway.

Jimboomba Town Centre Working Group

The Jimboomba Town Centre Working Group represents local residents, businesses, property owners, retailers and other stakeholders. The group started in November 2020 and meets every two months. The group gives input and guidance to Council on the detailed design and delivery of the Jimboomba Implementation Fund Projects.

Jimboomba Implementation Fund (2020)

On 20 July 2020, Council endorsed a budget allocation of $2 million to establish an Implementation Fund for Jimboomba. The fund will focus on the delivery of key priority projects identified from the Jimboomba Summit.

Jimboomba Summit (March 2019)

The Jimboomba Summit was held on 21 March 2019. The Summit was held to ask for feedback from the community to guide future initiatives and activities in Jimboomba. Outcomes of the summit will guide our work and the work of other stakeholders.

For more information and outcomes of the event, please download the Jimboomba Summit (PDF 185 KB) information.

Jimboomba Local Plan (April 2010)

The Jimboomba Local Plan has been completed (endorsed on 22 April 2010) and has been incorporated into the Logan Planning Scheme (refer to the Jimboomba Local Plan in Part 7), which now guides decision making in this area.