Place-based projects


Loganlea Road Healthy Street Projects (December 2020)

Council is due to start construction of the Loganlea Road Healthy Street.

Transforming Loganlea Road into a Healthy Street was a priority project identified as part of the Meadowbrook Summit held in 2018 and is included in the Meadowbrook Implementation Plan.

Works include:

  • streetscape enhancements inclusive of a new at-grade pedestrian crossing of Loganlea Road between the Logan Hospital and the Meadowbrook Shopping Centre
  • 2.5 to 3 metre pedestrian and cycle shared paths to create better and safer pedestrian connectivity
  • street planting and shade structures
  • upgraded lighting
  • changing Loganlea Road from 4 lanes (existing) to 6 lanes in specific sections
  • public art, and
  • street furniture.

The project will also increase safety, enhance amenity and provide a new space for the public to use for active transport.

The project is being funded by our Meadowbrook Implementation Fund, with support from the Queensland Government through the Unite and Recover program.

The delivery of the project is due to start in mid June 2021 and conclude by end September 2021.

To find more information about the project, please visit Have your say Logan - Loganlea Health Street Project.

For all enquiries regarding this project, please contact

Meadowbrook Implementation Plan (February 2019)

The Meadowbrook Implementation Plan (PDF 8.54 MB), approved in February 2019, guides the planning and delivery of priority projects and programs in Meadowbrook.

Meadowbrook Summit (September 2018)

The Meadowbrook Summit, held on 20–21 September 2018, focused on ways to stimulate healthcare investment and tertiary education in the Meadowbrook area. Discussion centred on expanding Logan Hospital, supporting nearby educational institutions and developing transport infrastructure. For more information and outcomes of the event, please download the Meadowbrook Summit information.

Meadowbrook Master Plan (December 2016)

The Meadowbrook Master Plan, endorsed on 6 December 2016, describes how we propose to create a place focused on health, education and wellbeing.

The master plan is a non-statutory document that describes our vision for this area and can be used as a guideline for development assessment purposes. We intend to incorporate the Meadowbrook Master Plan into the Logan Planning Scheme in a future amendment.