Place-based projects


Loganlea Road Healthy Street Project (December 2021)

Two people riding their bikes on the new healthy street paths, behind them people are seen sitting below a colourful shade structure. In the background additional disk structures are visible among the greenery.

Meadowbrook Implementation Plan

The Meadowbrook Implementation Plan (PDF 25.8 MB) identifies and prioritises a number of place-based actions that contributes to delivering the vision for Meadowbrook. Following the Meadowbrook Summit several key initiatives and actions were endorsed by Council which informed the Meadowbrook Implementation Plan (2019). The Implementation Plan has been updated to reflect projects delivered since 2019 and updates to the place-based actions for the next five-year period (2023 to 2028).

After the Meadowbrook Summit in 2018, we started the design of the Loganlea Road Healthy Street project. The goal of the project was to reimagine and rebuild Loganlea Road into a Healthy Street. The project opened in December 2021.
The project has delivered:

  • A new signalised pedestrian crossing on Loganlea Road for better connectivity and safety. The crossing is located between the Logan Hospital and Meadowbrook Shopping Centre
  • Provision of 1.3kms of shared paths from Loganlea rail station to the Logan Motorway
  • Repairing and rebuilding the ecology of the area by planting shrubs, ex-ground bottle trees, established trees and ground covers to create shade
  • Removal of 4 slip lanes and reclaiming pavement for planting and replacement of all non-DDA compliant infrastructure
  • Improved accessibility for vulnerable users and those with varying levels of mobility
  • 9 Logan artists created custom artwork for:
    • 10 by 8-metre-high custom illuminated disc structures
    • 11 shade structures
    • 32 pavement stencils
  • The colour palette used on street furniture, artwork and shade structures is unique to Meadowbrook and reflects the Place Branding strategy
  • Installation of custom designed:
    • seating
    • Benches
    • bike racks
    • bins
  • New CCTV cameras and upgraded street lighting along the entire corridor.

The final design creates a unique space through use of strategic land use planning, branding, and curation of artwork within a space.
The $5.4 million project was funded by Council and the Queensland Government.
The project received a commendation in the Movement and Place category at the 2022 Minister’s Urban Design Awards.

Stage 2

The next stage of this project involves the revitalisation of an area referred to by locals as the “Cloverleaves”, which is underutilised land which sits between Loganlea Road and the Logan Hospital Carpark.

The Loganlea Road Healthy Street Stage 2 (Cloverleaves Revitalisation – East) will involve the following:

  • 1 x full sized basketball court and 1 x futsal court – both will be fully fenced with lighting and vibrant court markings
  • 1 x outdoor gym with soft fall within the shaded area of the existing trees to the north
  • Street furniture and shelters through the project area
  • The provision of 2 x yarning circles and areas of contemplation for users of the centre
  • 3 x 4.5m disc sculptures, featuring 5 pieces of art from local Logan Artists
  • A healthy circuit around the cloverleaf to encourage people to walk through the area, and experience the various areas on site including the courts, recreational equipment and natural landscaping
  • Significant landscaping, including ex-ground trees
  • 2.5-3m wide shared paths internally and connecting externally
  • Installation of 2 new security cameras
  • Upgraded street lighting within the area, enhancing safety.

Construction on Stage 2 commenced in April 2023.

For all enquiries regarding this project, please contact

Meadowbrook Implementation Plan (February 2019)

The Meadowbrook Implementation Plan (PDF 8.54 MB), approved in February 2019, guides the planning and delivery of priority projects and programs in Meadowbrook.

Meadowbrook Summit (September 2018)

The Meadowbrook Summit, held on 20–21 September 2018, focused on ways to stimulate healthcare investment and tertiary education in the Meadowbrook area. Discussion centred on expanding Logan Hospital, supporting nearby educational institutions and developing transport infrastructure. For more information and outcomes of the event, please download the Meadowbrook Summit information.

Meadowbrook Master Plan (December 2016)

The Meadowbrook Master Plan, endorsed on 6 December 2016, describes how we propose to create a place focused on health, education and wellbeing.

The master plan is a non-statutory document that describes our vision for this area and can be used as a guideline for development assessment purposes. We intend to incorporate the Meadowbrook Master Plan into the Logan Planning Scheme in a future amendment.