Place-based projects


Springwood Implementation Plan Projects (2018-2021)

The Springwood Implementation Plan Fund will be used to deliver on priority projects identified from the Springwood Summit to unlock the city-making potential of the Springwood activity centre. Projects identified after the summit are included in the Springwood Implementation Plan. These projects will be rolled out on a medium to long term basis prioritised through future community and stakeholder engagement. The Springwood Implementation Projects include:

Slacks Creek Green Link

The project will connect Compton Road with Moss Street by the creation of a new 3m wide shared pathway. The pathway will meander through parkland with a new bridge to connect both sides of the creek. The project includes improved landscaping in the Slacks Creek Catchment, shade structures, bins and lighting, and integration of cycling infrastructure with open space and public art.  To be notified of project updates and road closures, please register here.

Carol Avenue to Laurinda Crescent Pathway

The project is for a new 3m pedestrian and cycle connection between Laurinda Crescent and Carol Avenue. It will include park lighting, CCTV, public art, planting, street furniture, and shared off road facilities.

Shared Pathway between Murrajong Road and Dennis Road (School Pathway)

The project is for a new 3m pedestrian and cycle connection between Murrajong Road and Dennis Road. The project will include LED lighting, CCTV, public art, landscaping, seating, fencing along the school, and a shade structure.  These changes will improve safety and walkability for local residents, students, school staff and local employees.  To be notified of project updates and road closures, please fill in the registration form.

Murrajong Road, Briggs Road, Paxton Road and Carol Avenue Streetscapes

This project delivers streetscape enhancements along Murrajong Road, Briggs Road, Paxton Road and Carol Avenue.

It will include gardens, landscaping, pedestrian lighting, public art and street furniture. 

A key outcome of the project is the improved amenity and walkability of the streets and contributing towards a positive image for Springwood.

Some footpaths and on-street parking spots will be closed from February until the end of April 2020 whilst works are completed.

This will only affect a small number of carparks and footpath sections for up to three days at a time. There should be limited disruption to local businesses and residents.

Temporary traffic signage and controls will be in place during this period.

Springwood Summit (October 2016)

The Springwood Summit, held on 21 October 2016, brought together key government and industry stakeholders, as well as business owners and landowners, to unlock the economic and placemaking potential for Springwood. For more information or outcomes of the event, please download the Springwood Summit information. 

Greater Springwood Master Plan (October 2009)

The Greater Springwood Master Plan was endorsed in October 2009 to guide the future growth of Springwood to 2031. The plan addressed the development opportunities and challenges of the area. It responded to the requirements of the South East Queensland Regional Plan 2009–2031 and community/stakeholder expectations.

The Master Plan informed the Springwood Local Plan, which was incorporated into the Logan Planning Scheme (refer to the Springwood Local Plan in Part 7), and now guides decision making in this area.