Place-based projects

Logan Central

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Croydon Road Urban Activations (underway)

We will be coordinating and hosting a series of activations and events to involve the local community in the design of the street improvements.

Tastes of Croydon

  • Date: Saturday 18 March 2023
  • Time: 4.00pm to 8.00pm
  • Location: Croydon Road, Logan Central
  • Activities: Celebration of food, light, art and music in the Croydon Road Precinct
  • Road closure: 18 March 2023 from 6.00am to 11.00pm.

For more information, please visit our Facebook event page.

To have your say and stay up to date on project work, visit Have your say - Woodridge Station Area (Croydon Road Precinct).

Croydon Road Streetscape Upgrade Works (Design underway 2022)

The ‘Croydon Road Precinct’ Streetscape Master Plan is now complete. The strategic guideline will underpin future development outcomes for the precinct. The guideline also aims to provide a coordinated approach to the design and implementation of streetscape works in the area. Croydon Road was identified as a catalytic project in the precinct.

Council and the State Government have committed capital funding for street improvement works to the upper Croydon Road section between Woodridge Train Station and Blackwood Road. This work will build on master plan guidelines to improve public space amenity and activation of The Croydon Road Precinct.

The detail design and activations for this project are currently underway.

To have your say and stay up to date on project work, visit Woodridge Station Area (Croydon Road Precinct) | Have Your Say Logan City.

Croydon Road Streetscape Master Plan (May 2022)

The Croydon Road Precinct Master Plan and Streetscape Guidelines incorporate the existing standards from the Planning Scheme Policy 5 and the Logan City Landscape Development Manual. This document looks to create further defined guidelines in the locally significant area of Croydon Road.

The master plan aims to provide a coordinated approach to the design and implementation of streetscape works in the Logan Central area. They inform the selection of hardscape and softscape elements to be used in urban centres across a range of scenarios and identify key design opportunities for the area.

The master plan also provides a framework for the development industry, planning and design professionals, Council officers and the Logan community to ensure that the street landscape delivers high quality urban outcomes for the area.

For more information, download The Croydon Road Precinct Master Plan and Streetscape Guidelines (PDF 87.6 MB)

Logan Gardens Parkway Project - Civic and Community Precinct (Design underway 2022)

The Logan Gardens Parkway Project is a priority capital works project in the Civic and Community Precinct Master Plan.

The shared pathway is an internal park road that will provide improved pedestrian and cycle access through Logan Gardens and unlock the full recreational potential of this valuable park.

The Parkway is designed to prioritise pedestrian, cycle and scooter users.  Vehicles will be permitted controlled access the Parkway at a slow speed (10km/h) during daylight hours which will provide more parking options and improved equitable access for visitors to enjoy the gardens. Lighting and CCTV will improve safety with increased visitation to the area.

The project is funding by the State Government and Council. Council will use funds from the Logan Central Implementation Fund.

The project is currently in the detail design phase.

The community was invited to provide feedback on the concept design as well as submit other ideas for the Logan Gardens between November 2022 and January 2023.

Civic and Community Precinct Plan (June 2020)

The purpose of the Logan Central Civic and Community Precinct Plan, endorsed June 2020, is to provide an integrated long-term vision for the precinct. The plan supports the development of a safe and healthy community along with the city’s sustainability strategy. It will contribute to the development of a strong local economy through investment attraction over the next 10 to 30 years.

The Logan Central Civic and Community Precinct Plan provides an integrated framework to reposition the precinct within Logan and South-East Queensland.

The precinct plan is designed to achieve maximum economic, lifestyle and sustainability benefits for the community by providing clear development recommendations for this pivotal city land parcel.

The plan identifies practical strategies that will uplift the wellbeing of the urban setting and increase the sites visitor and resident populations by embracing and growing Logan’s most valuable and undervalued assets, its people, their energy, and diversity of culture.

The Precinct Plan reconnects parts of the precinct through the insertion of a street network that unlocks full use of the whole precinct. The plan centres the precinct energy to the centre through:

  • ideas of activation
  • blending higher density residential uses into the local neighbourhood
  • provides a greater choice for access and mobility
  • challenges the trend of traffic-dominated streets, reshaping them for the enjoyment of the community
  • envisioning a greener, cooler, better connected public experience.

In repositioning the precinct, we can create a place where the city’s diverse and vibrant community come together to learn, do business, celebrate and socialise. Bringing people together will:

  • improve strategic and social interaction
  • drive increased residential, civic, allied health, recreational and commercial site populations,
  • uplift economic performance
  • provide precinct wide safe and equitable accessibility.

The Civic and Community Precinct Plan received 2021 AILA National Landscape Architecture Award for Urban Design.

For more information, see The Civic and Community Precinct Plan.

Logan Central Implementation Plan (February 2019)

The Logan Central Implementation Plan (PDF 5.86 MB) was approved on 26 February 2019 to guide the planning and delivery of priority projects and programs in Logan Central.

The plan builds on the overall aims of the Logan Central Master Plan and includes the outcomes of the Logan Central Summit.

Logan Central Summit (May 2018)

The Logan Central Summit was held on 11 May 2018.

It focused on ways that government, industry, business owners, landowners and the community can collaborate to harness strengths and capitalise on opportunities to develop Logan Central as the civic and cultural heart of the city.

For more information and outcomes of the event, please download Logan Central Summit (PDF 3.5 KB) information.

Logan Central Master Plan (November 2014)

The Logan Central Master Plan (PDF 6322 KB) provides the strategic vision to guide development in Logan Central and realise its potential as the cultural and civic heart of Logan City (as identified in the South East Queensland Regional Plan 2009–2031).

Council endorsed the Logan Central Master Plan on 18 November 2014. It informed the development of the Logan Central Local Plan, was incorporated into the Logan Planning Scheme (refer to Logan Central Local Plan in Part 7), and now guides decision making in this area.

Logan Central Affordable House Project (June 2013)

Logan City Council, the Australian Government and Horizon Housing formed a partnership to deliver an affordable housing demonstration project (PDF 2571 KB). Tallowwood on North is an innovative residential development that showcases high-quality urban design and a range of affordable housing options. Completed in June 2013 with funding from the Australian Government's Liveable Cities Program.