Development applications

Properly made applications

A development application is properly made when it has met the requirements under section 51 of the Planning Act 2016.

This section states that all development applications must be:

  • made to the assessment manager
  • on the approved relevant application form, please see Application forms and lodgement
  • accompanied by supporting information identified on the approved form
  • accompanied by the owner’s consent (for any Material Change of Use of premises or Reconfiguring a Lot applications under section 51 of the Planning Act 2016)
  • accompanied by the application fee fixed by resolution of Council, please see Fees, charges and payments.

When the above requirements are met, the application will become properly made and the assessment process will start.

We will issue a Confirmation Notice to the applicant within five business days (under Part 1 (Application) of the Queensland Government - Development Assessment Rules).

We will issue an Action Notice to the applicant if a development application does not meet the properly made requirements.

The applicant must take the action outlined in the Action Notice within 20 business days after receiving the notice. If the required action is not undertaken within that period, the application is considered not made (in line with Part 1 (Application) of the Development Assessment Rules).

Required supporting information

Supporting information may be required with your application (detailed on the development application form).

Development applications generally need the following supporting information: