Development applications

Fees, charges and payments

Some development services have a flat fee. Some fees vary depending on the type and scale of development (e.g. how complex or big the development is or what impact it will have).

To work out the fees and charges you can:

If you need advice about the fee estimate before you lodge your application, please email us at

There may be several stages in the development process, and fees may be payable at each stage. The Logan PD Hub includes functions to estimate costs for:

  • vegetation clearing (see the environmental offset estimate tool)
  • infrastructure charges (see the infrastructure charges estimate tool).

If a discount is applicable (e.g. for charities or as a result of negotiations), relevant and current supporting documentation must be provided with the application.

Payment options

Planning and development application fees are payable when the application or request is lodged. When you lodge the application, you can choose to pay:

  • online with a credit card
  • online using the online payment reference number located at the bottom of the notice of account
  • by BPay with a savings or cheque account using the biller code and reference number located at the bottom of the notice of account (there is a limit of $500,000 for each BPay payment, but you can make multiple payments if needed)
  • by email to – an officer will call you for your credit card payment
  • by direct deposit (this option applies to large business customers with multiple transactions) – to arrange direct deposit, please email
  • by post with a cheque or money order to our postal address
  • in person at one of our customer service centres.