Development applications

Online lodgement frequently asked questions

When I choose 'New application' I can't see the application type I want.

If the application type you want is not listed, it may be because:

  1. you need to register as a user and log in to lodge that type of application
  2. that type of application cannot be lodged online – please see Application forms and lodgement for the email address to send your application (whether you can lodge online depends on the type of application).

After I submitted my application, it gave me a ‘Multi-item request submission’ page. I thought I only lodged one?

At the bottom of the last page in the online lodgement process (where you confirm your application and accept the terms and conditions), if you choose Add to cart instead of Next, you will see the Multi-item request submission page (even if you've only lodged one application).

If the submission page lists the correct type of application (under transaction type, with a number in the identifier column) your application has lodged successfully.

The transaction reference I received after I lodged my application is not the same format as other application numbers I've seen before.

Application numbers with a prefix like ‘16PA’ for development applications or ‘1PD’ for plumbing and drainage applications are not properly made (e.g. they may be waiting on payment or checking by our team). You can still use the transaction reference number to search for lodged applications. When the application becomes properly made and the assessment process starts, it will be given an application number that indicates the application type (e.g. MCU/156/2018, PD/147/2018).

I have too many attachments, or they seem to be too large and they're not uploading properly.

If your documents are too big or you have too many to upload, please lodge your application online with the minimum attachments (forms and plans). You can email the remaining attachments to quoting the transaction reference number (displayed on the application submissions page) in your email.

If your attachments are too large to email, you can upload them to a shareable storage facility (e.g. Dropbox, OneDrive, GoogleDocs) and include the link in your email.

If you do not have access to a shareable storage facility, specify that in your email so we can make alternative arrangements.

Do I have to pay when I lodge the application?

You can choose to pay with a credit card when you lodge your application or request a Notice of account (with BPay options). For more information, please see Fees, charges and payments.

Your application will not be properly made (and the assessment process will not start) until you have made the payment. Please email your receipt to to let us know you have paid.

I've lodged my application but forgot to upload something or loaded the wrong version of an attachment.

If you need to add anything to your application or change something after it has been lodged, please email the information to In your email, include the application number and property address, and whatever extra or changed information is needed.