Development applications


Standard development approval conditions

A development approval may include conditions that need to be met if the development goes ahead.

To make the approval conditions consistent and easier to understand, we use a standard set of conditions for development approvals.

For more information about our standard development approval conditions, please download Standard development approval conditions (PDF 914 KB).

Exemption certificates

In some circumstances, we may provide an exemption certificate to a property owner. An exemption certificate means that a development approval is not needed for their assessable development. This could be for things like an error in the planning scheme.

To view a list of the exemption certificates we have issued, you can:

For more information about exemption certificates, please visit Queensland Government Exemption certificate fact sheet.

Condition certificates

A development approval may include a condition that asks you to give us for more information. We may need to check or certify the additional information. For example, we may ask for detailed plans or reports that were not available when the development application was lodged and we decided to approve it.

We issue a condition certificate to show that the condition has been met.

To get a condition certificate, please make sure all the information required in the condition is ready before contacting us.

Overlay advice certificate

If an overlay from the Logan Planning Scheme 2015 applies to a property, we can give an overlay advice certificate to confirm how much of the property the overlay affects. Overlays include:

  • biodiversity areas overlay
  • landslide hazard and steep slope area overlay
  • water corridors and wetlands overlay.

To request an overlay advice certificate, please: