Publication scheme

Our publication scheme provides a complete overview of our organisation and describes our relationship with the Logan community.

In preparing our publication scheme, we acknowledge our obligations under section 21 of the Right to Information Act 2009 (Qld). It requires us to provide a publication scheme that meets certain minimum requirements. We intend to provide information that is much broader than the minimum requirements.

About us

Who we are and what we do – background information on Council and the Logan region.

Our services

The services we offer – a description of the services offered by Council, including advice and guidance, booklets and leaflets, and media releases.

Our finances

What we spend and how we spend it – financial information relating to projected and actual income and expenditure, tendering, procurement and contracts.

Our priorities

What our priorities are and how we are doing – Council's strategic and performance documentation.

Our decisions

How we make decisions – policy proposals, decisions and decision-making processes.

Our policies

Our policies and procedures – the current protocols for delivering our functions and responsibilities.

Our lists

Lists and registers – information held in registers required by law and other lists and registers relating to the functions of Council.

Other registers available for inspection by contacting Council

  • Animal impounds
  • Annual budget
  • Business activities
  • Certificate classification under the Building Act 1975
  • Complaints about councillor conduct or performance
  • Council minutes
  • Delegations of authority
  • Development approvals
  • Development assessment applications
  • Development permits
  • Disclosure of election gifts
  • Environmental management programs
  • Environmental protection orders
  • Environmental reports
  • Fees and charges – regulatory fees and schedule of commercial and other charges
  • Health licences
  • Impounding
  • Infrastructure charges
  • Licences and approvals under the Environmental Protection Act 1994
  • Monitoring program results
  • National Competition Policy business activities
  • Notices issued under the Building Act 1975
  • Notifiable diseases

Complaints about our publication scheme

If you have any concerns that the information contained in the publication scheme is not available, please call us on 07 3412 3412 or email us at and describe what link or information is missing or not working.