Water and sewerage development

Water and sewerage overview

Our Water Development Services (WDS) team assesses the water and sewerage aspects of development applications, including Building Over or Near Infrastructure (BOONRI) applications.

WDS also provides technical advice about our network and prepares infrastructure agreements for water and wastewater services with land developers.

If you need help to determine if a new connection to our an City Council’s water and/or wastewater infrastructure is feasible, please contact our team to discuss your proposal.

Private works

To connect or alter water or wastewater infrastructure that relates to development approvals or minor works you need to lodge an application with us.

Please note that the Private Works application will need an approved design plan to accompany the lodgement.

To find out more information, please see Private works.

As-constructed drawings

Water and sewerage as-constructed drawings can be accessed using the following online tools:

  • Logan City as-constructed plans – search for a property to find water and sewer, house drainage, stormwater and roadworks plans. Noted that the level of information available varies, depending on the property.
  • Development Enquiry Tool – to see documents associated with development applications.

If you cannot find as-constructed plans for a property using our online services email council@logan.qld.gov.au. We will investigate and let you know if records are available (please allow 5–10 working days). An onsite search at the developer’s expense may be needed to locate existing services if we do not have the information.

Building over or near relevant infrastructure (BOONRI)

If you want to build a structure close to existing water or sewerage (wastewater) infrastructure you may need approval.

A private building certifier will assess your proposed building works to make sure the works do not damage or block access to infrastructure. They will assess this against the Queensland development code and tell you if you need an approval from us.

To find out more see Building over or near sewerage infrastructure.

Design and construction standards

For information about the water and sewerage design and construction standards for Logan, please visit SEQ Code - Design and Construction.

Design variation requests

If you want to vary from the design and construction standards for water and sewerage infrastructure works we may ask you to complete a design variation request form (PDF 30 KB).

To discuss design requirements and proposed variations, please contact our team.